Bentley Mulsanne 40-year history closes in spring 2020

Introduced in 1980, it established the luxury segment benchmark as Bentley's leading 4-door saloon. In the spring of 2020, limited editions were announced at the end of 40 years of history and the end of production. The new flying spar will be at the top of the luxury car lineup as Bentley's new flagship model.

This limited edition, named Mulsanne 6.75 Edition Marina, is a luxurious specification suitable for decorating the Mulsanne flower trajectory, a crystal of British car engineering and craftsmanship. The 6.75-litre engine, which is the origin of the name and the birth of this limited model, is a traditional engine that will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2020.

The base of the limited model is 537ps, Mulsanne Speed ​​demonstrating 1100Nm, and a driver's car that declares the highest super luxury sedan ever. In the Mulsanne 6.75 edition, the interior air vent operation knob is changed to a miniature design of the engine oil cap instead of the “ organ stop '' specification, and the watch and minor gauge display surface adopt a design that imitates the cross section of the engine It has a casual treatment.

Gloss black brightware is placed on the exterior to accentuate the exterior color chosen by the customer. However, the headlights and taillights are trimmed with bright chrome, and the flying bonnet B mascot, Marina Serenity radiator grille, and exhaust finisher are all dark tinted, giving the front face a sharp finish. Under the bonnet, the intake manifold is changed from conventional silver to black.

The engine license plate is usually signed by the engineer who assembled the engine, but this limited edition is signed by Bentley chairman and CEO Adrian Hallmark.

The center console and the rear cabin console's wood panels are painted in silver, and the front console is fitted with a metal commemorative plate. The fascia and waist rails have a high gloss grand black finish and the waist rails are fitted with aluminum inserts with a "dark engine spin" pattern.

Chris Kraft, director of sales, marketing and after-sales at Bentley Motors, said: "Mulsanne was a must-have model for Bentley to remain the world leader in the luxury limousine segment. To be a long-loved flagship model of our company and to hand build the best car in the world The new Mulsanne 6.75 edition is a culmination of Mulsanne's appeal. The production will be discontinued in the spring of 2020, but demand for other existing lineups will increase. Due to the high cost, all staff involved in Mulsanne's production will be relocated. ''

The flying spar is expected to have a hybrid system by 2023. These moves symbolize Bentley's vision for the future and the shift to sustainable luxury cars. The world's most popular ultra-luxury car brand has been steadily moving toward electrification with the launch of the Ventiga Hybrid.

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