Bentley opens Finland's first dealer

Bentley is the first brand to open a dealer in Finland. The project was advanced in partnership with K-Auto, a retailer of K-Auto.

Bentley Suomi provides sales and after-sales services. Bentley handles all models currently on sale, and the showroom has an area that shows how much personalization is possible, such as leather and color.
Marco Van Aalten, Director of Sales at Bentley Europe, said, “Partnering K-Caara is a big step in Finland, where we are focusing on electricization. Raising Bentley in Scandinavia I am confident that I can do it. "

“I am delighted to be the official importer of the luxury brand Bentley in Finland. In particular, the Bentega Hybrid will gain popularity,” commented.

Bentley has just begun delivery of the Bentega Hybrid. This is the world's first luxury plug-in hybrid and the most important model in Finland. I would like to pay attention to the difference in demand in each country in the world.

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