Bentley's two-seater model is back! │ What is "Bakaral" to be shown in Geneva

Bentley will premiere the Bentley Bacalar at the Geneva Motor Show on March 3rd, demonstrating "the future of coach building." In addition, detailed information has been updated.

Bacharal will be the second rare 2-seater Bentley since 1930. Behind both beautifully stitched front seats, a two-seat layout and wraparound cockpit create luggage space. The custom-made travel case set that fits in is finished to match the interior material. All materials used are said to be collected in an environmentally friendly manner.

Bacalar, hand-built elaborately by the world's oldest coach builder Marina, is a grand tourer that brings the greatest joy to the heart, and will be held on March 3, 2020 at 17:30 [Japan time]. First published. The Bentley booth at the Geneva Motor Show will also showcase the new Bentley Continental GT Marina Convertible, whose details were announced last week, and the concept car EXP 100 GT, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of Bentley's founding.

Check out Bentley's press conference, which will be streamed live on the following social media sites:


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