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"Beoplay E8 2.0" Review | The beautiful appearance of a genuine leather case, the sigh leaks in the sense of sound separation-Engadget Japan

I want half-crying

Until now, I have been blessed with the opportunity to try various earphones with Engadget, but Bang & Olfusen's “Beoplay E8 2.0” was the first to cry “Wow, I want it!” I thought it would be strange that the game would be decided before actually using it, but the addition of “Beauty” was overwhelming. If you don't stand it, it is so beautiful that poems are about to come out.

And “Sound” is also interesting, and the best and weakest players are clear depending on the genre of music. I was surprised at Taylor Swift and there was a lot of deaths at the station.

■ Sorry for being too beautiful

First appearance. I take a breath here, and something like a loyalty to Bang & Olfusen has risen. A saddle-shaped case made of genuine leather and aluminum. There are various ways to say "genuine leather" and it's not good because it's leather. However, the genuine leather used in “Beoplay E8 2.0” is also wonderful for its delicate color that is soft to the touch. It is high-quality leather that will surely get here.

From a practical point of view, “dirt” cannot be wiped off with great excitement, and the aging degradation unique to leather will soon appear.

But what is that? I feel. Because it is a quiet beauty when placed on a table. Even if you take it out of Valextra's bag, it has the same presence. “I am me” is a beauty in both cafes and inorganic tables. It is a masterpiece. Moreover, it is a nice point to be 45g light.

Engadget "data-caption =" Engadget "data-credit =" "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-1-3508384-1575984038686 "data- media-id = "ffff63b2-928d-40a0-b7b7-b91ce9b91577" src = "" data-title = "Engadget" /><br />This time we used “pink”. A light pink with a little “dullness”. I want a coat of this color …! The aluminum is also slightly colored. It also crushes on the accent of beige “Limestone”.</p>
<p>Moreover, this case can also be charged wirelessly. I'm sorry that it became a form to say by the way, but this function is so convenient that I can cry. Convenient for such a beautiful. What's going on</p>
<p>The earphone body is also beautiful, smooth and smooth like polished glass. It ’s so smooth that it almost spills from your fingers. In fact, when I dropped it at the platform of the station and rolled around the railroad track, I felt like the heroine died at the climax of the movie. It was really nice to catch.
<h3>■ Hi-hat that pierces</h3>
<p>The sound quality is full of originality.</p>
<p>The separation of the sound was so good that I enjoyed the “sound when the instrument and finger touched” that were originally recorded but could not be identified with ordinary earphones. I also hear the guitar singing, I can hear the keystrokes of the piano, and I can understand the moment when the sound disappears.</p>
<p>And “high sound” and “distorted sound” are also finely tuned. For example, Taylor Swift's hi-hat “Shake It Off” is too tired and tired. The sound separation is good, and all the sounds come into the ears without being dumped. That's why opera and orchestras are beautifully beautiful, and the transformation of the distorted sound created by Cashmere Cat is clearly understood as "Beoplay E8 2.0".</p>
<p><img alt=You can choose your favorite sound quality such as “commuting”, “clear”, “workout” with a stylish management app, but all modes have the characteristics of “Beoplay E8 2.0”. So if you can recommend it to “people who want to enjoy music safely”, it will be a little difficult.

That's how personality is. That's why you can't be satisfied with other earphones if you like it with your favorite music. In fact, I don't like the glamor of Verdi that I listen to with “Beoplay E8 2.0”, and I do n’t like it anymore.

■ How are you going to work out?

If you can work out with such beautiful earphones, you can. Because it is “drip-proof / dust-proof”, it is not suitable for waterfall sweat, but there is no problem with normal exercise. The feeling of wearing was good, and it was comfortably placed in my ear, so I could concentrate on muscle training without being aware of its existence. The battery also plays for 3.5 hours and can be fully charged three times using a charger. There is no break in the sound, and even the morning Yamanote line can afford. And tapping the side of the left earphone is useful because it can capture the outside sound clearly.

The only thing that worried me was how long it took to take it out of the case and connect it to the iPhone. Compared to other earphones, it takes 1-2 seconds. Well, it ’s acceptable.

Finally, once again, it looks beautiful. In the world of earphones with a lot of vitamin color and black, the delicate “Beoplay E8 2.0” will shine. It has become one of the leading candidates for this year's Self-Santa (a ritual to buy gifts for myself). What should I do with a lot of earphones?

Engadget "data-caption =" Engadget "data-mep =" 3047710 "src =" -11ea-bbff-01f774f440a3 "/><br /><strong>▲ Easy to match with white wear.</strong></p>
<p><img alt=▲ When naming a management app, only “cute” came to mind.

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