Best A & V equipment of 2019 selected by Reiji Asakura-from movie smartphones to unique cameras

2019 In 2019, there is a feeling that the environment for audio and visual work has advanced one step further, such as the appearance of 8K TVs and the penetration of completely wireless earphones. The best audio and visual equipment of 2019 by audiovisual critic Reiji Asakura. What products touched Mr. Asakura's harp?

No. 10: Packed with high-end earphone technology
9th place: One and only digital camera created by a terrible development soul
8th place: A special smartphone that demonstrates its ability with a unique camera performance
No. 7: Neck speaker with outstanding share of sound, gaining share number one despite being late
No. 6: A wonderful “movie smartphone” made by combining the strongest Sony technologies
5th place: High res sound to fully enjoy the wind instrument organ
No. 4: DSD and DXD are two emotionally different music files
3rd place: Active speakers that can be used in the Hi-Fi world
2nd place: Dense high-quality content that expresses and uses 8K endlessly
1st place: OLED monitor that realizes desktop theater

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