Beta version of file sharing service "Nearby Sharing" for Android released


Beta version of file sharing service "Nearby Sharing" for Android released

A new feature developed by Google for Android devices, “Nearby SharingIs a service that allows you to share files offline between Android devices without consuming mobile communication capacity. Beta version of such Near Sharing started to be released to some users from June 30, 2020.

Nearby Sharing — Android's AirDrop competitor — is rolling out now in beta

'Nearby Sharing' officially confirmed for Android, in beta test-9to5Google

Nearby Sharing is Apple'sAirDropIt is a service very similar to, and you can share not only photos and movies but also URLs. The following image is a beta version of Near Sharing installed on Android 10, and Near Sharing is displayed as "Nearby" as a way to share Twitter tweets.

Near Sharing is displayed with an icon in the file sharing method list on the Android device.

When using for the first time, a screen prompting you to turn on Near Sharing appears as shown below. It seems that Near Sharing is turned on by tapping "Turn on".

Below is a screen that is searching for devices that can be shared. You can open the Near Sharing settings screen by tapping the user icon in the upper right.

You can set the shared range by tapping "Device visibility".

There are three types of shared range: All Contacts, Some Contacts (Some Contacts), and Hidden.

If a file is sent to you by someone you do not know your contact information for, you will be prompted to accept the file sent by someone you do not know, as shown below. Tap "Accept" to receive files from users who do not know their contact information.

A Google spokeswoman said, "We're doing a beta test of the new Near Sharing feature that will share more information in the future. Our goal is to release features that support Android 6+ devices and other platforms. It is to do."

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