Betelgeuse, thought to be on the verge of supernova explosion, is picking up


Betelgeuse, thought to be on the verge of supernova explosion, is picking up

by ESO / Digitized Sky Survey 2

It has been argued that the brightness is lower than ever before and the life is about to endBetelgeuseHowever, it turned out that it was regaining its brilliance again.

Mysterious faded star Betelgeuse has started to brighten again

The Fall and Rise of Betelgeuse-Sky & Telescope-Sky & Telescope

Oddly dimming star Betelgeuse isn't ready to explode after all

Betelgeuse, the first magnitude star of the Great Triangle of Winter, has halved in brightness since October 2019, and recorded the lowest brightness in December 2019. This suggests that Betelgeuse activity has declined,SupernovaIt was talked about as a sign of causing.

When Betelgeuse explodes showing a sign of supernova explosion, it becomes full moon brightness-gigazine

The darkening of Betelgeuse was revealed by radio telescope observations. Comparing the Betelgeuse observations on the left in January 2019 with the observations on the right in December, you can see that the lower half of Betelgeuse is darker.

by ESO / M. Montargs et al.

According to astronomer Edward Guinan of Villanova University in the United States, it is not known whether Betelgeuse is actually deformed or partly dark due to dust etc., but the brightness of Betelgeuse The decline is also apparent to the naked eye. In the photos below, the left is Betelgeuse photographed in February 2016, and the right is Betelgeuse photographed on December 31, 2019 with the same camera settings.

by Brian Ottum and EarthSky

In mid-February 2020, Betelgeuse was once two-thirds brighter, but the decline in brightness soon slowed down. On the contrary, it is starting to brighten again. Below is a graph showing that. Looking at the red framed part, Betelgeuse, which leveled off in mid-February,Visual gradeHowever, you can see that it has started to rise again.

"Betelgeuse is about 10% brighter than the darkest," commented Gainan. on the other hand,Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysics CenterAstronomer Andrea Dupree said, “ It looks like it's hitting the bottom for now, but it doesn't have to start again, '' he said. Pointed out.

Robert Gaertz, a professor at the Minnesota Institute of Astrophysics who reported on the brightness of Betelgeuse in the Astronomer's Telegram from the International Bureau of Astronomical Telegraphy, said, Does not necessarily change significantly. Therefore, it is not known whether Betelgeuse will explode tomorrow or hundreds of thousands of years later, but the status quo of the imminent starCore collapseIt's unlikely that it's a precursor to that. "StateHe pointed out that it is likely that Betelgeuse will cause a supernova soon.

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