Big data a catalyst in chemical development to dramatically accelerate the Hokuriku region at the cutting edge of research

In recent years, the natural Sciences, but also in the field of artificial intelligence methodology is utilized,to accelerate the research and development attempt used. Especially material in the field of artificial intelligence use of co・fitness [MI]call. This MI A catalyst on the development results of the Hokuriku School of materials science, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and technology,Kumamoto University,Hokkaido University of research group.

【Here】Big data and AI take advantage of the station congestion prediction Yahoo and Seibu is experiment

The research group is MI The utilization of the catalyst by methane oxidation coupling reaction. It is less useful methane, the catalyst, using ethane and ethylene to convert this value can produce.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in the key of a large volume of experimental data accumulated in there. This research group is on 1, 4,000 points of the catalyst data can be obtained in a”high throughput catalyst evaluation apparatus”to design and use. It by only 3 days in 1 million, 2,000 points of data to get success. This is over the past 30 years, the accumulated data amount is 1 digit above the value.

Subsequently, the resulting big data to machine learning, such as by analyzing the oxidative coupling reaction of reaction yield is significantly improved.

Materials Science in the true sense, MI is a great contribution to the quality of the data preparation is essential for learning the mechanics of it, as well as high-quality learning, the acquisition of data is a big hurdle had been.

However the published papers data, such as each scholar’s interests, such as by deflecting high quality data is not said. There is an experimental method by which the difference cannot be ignored,learning is unsuitable for this, such as high-throughput experiments by the same method retrieve large amounts of data, how to effectively say that.

A similar methodology,catalysis of non-material science and applications is expected to be. Research and development is dramatically accelerated if the imagined material is generated may be the realization of a sustainable society and contribute significantly to the material one after another and go out into the world the advent of the era could.

Research,12 month 25 date of ACS Catalysis Journal published online that.

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