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At FamilyMart on April 7Big famichikiIs on sale! I ate how it is different from normal Famichiki!

Not only big but also juicy and surprised!

Appearing next to the Famima cashierBig famichiki". It is a big one that is 1.5 times the size of normal Famiticki.

I bought it with regular Famiticki at once. You can't tell which one is in the bag just by looking at it.

When opened,Dooo!

It ’s big, it ’s big (laughs)

The difference is obvious when you line it up with regular Famiticki.

The width pressure is amazing.

Of course I think there are individual differences, but Big Famiticki is not only big but also very juicy and surprised!

As you can see in the image, the regular Fami-chiki has a clear fiber in the meat, while the Big Fami-chiki has a shiny flesh! Cross section. The juicy when I ate was uneven.

Soft chicken in crispy clothes. If you notice it with classic seasoning, it is pelori.

If it is such a volume and juicy, it seems to fulfill its role well as a side dish of rice. If you put shredded cabbage on top of rice and top with famichiki over sauce, you can make a guilty menu like famichiki bowl.

Let's enjoy the taste of Big Famiticki, snacks, side dishes, and snacks that are available in limited quantities!

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