Big misunderstanding that "the rich do not work"

◆ When asked, "Why do you work when you have money?"
I have the opportunity to give a lecture. One of the things I sometimes hear in such situations is the question, "Why do you work when you have money?"

Also, I am working on writing columns in this way, but sometimes I receive criticized comments that "I should not write columns and books if I am really profitable. I am not profitable after all." There is.

My wife sometimes asks, "Why do you work so hard when your husband earns?" In addition, I moved to a new residential area about 20 minutes by train from the city center to seek a child-raising environment, and my wife said to my mom friend, "Why such a person lives in such a place?" That's right.

◆ I never thought I wanted to stop working
Here, I feel that there is a great misunderstanding that the general public has. I have no awareness that I have extra money or make money, but I have never thought of wanting to stop working.

The reason is that we do only what we want to do and what we find fun. There's nothing great about doing what you like and earning money. In other words, it's like working as an extension of your hobby, not working to earn living expenses.

If you think "people who have a lot of money shouldn't work," they probably don't enjoy working. I think working is a tough job.

But I have to work for my life. If you have a lot of money, I want to quit the company right away. Because of such ideas, it is difficult to understand why people who have money work.

And if that were the case, you wouldn't understand why, for example, one of Japan's leading wealthy families, Masayoshi Son and Tadashi Yanai. They are also not necessarily working for a living.

People have different reasons to work, but I guess the reasons for becoming a millionaire and still working are probably:

● Question about the products / services that you have thought of in the world, and the desire to be accepted [or like a game]

● Competitive spirit to win sales or share by overcoming competition or developing uniqueness

● A sense of mission to change society and change people's lifestyles

● I want to convey what I have gained to future generations and want to contribute

● Social solidarity desire to grow the company, increase employment, and to make employees and business partners happy as well as customers

Of course, there are other possibilities, but most people around me keep working, even if they are successful. In other words, working for them is a means of self-expression and a means of self-fulfillment. Money is just a result, not a purpose. I enjoy the process itself.

◆ Eighty years in life kills magnificent time
However, there are exceptions, and some internet entrepreneurs and individual investors are living with the withdrawal after earning and living as if they were out of the office.

However, at a young age, "I have money but nothing to do" may or may not be really happy, depending on the personality of each individual.

I don't think that life is boring and unbearable. For example, after getting up at 7:00 in the morning and going to bed at 11 in the evening, the activity time is about 13 hours, excluding meals and bathing. What do you do with it. Travel? Outdoors? reading? game? golf? surfing? Unless you want to be a pro, you'll never be able to do that.

In modern Japan, there is almost no phase of “living or dying” as in the hunting and war eras, so 80 years of life is just a magnificent killing time. I think what you do to kill your spare time is whether or not you will have a fulfilling life.

◆ Fitness is important for the place where you live
Regarding the place to live, it is not based on whether or not you have the money to live in that place, but on a rational reason, and you choose based on your will.

In my case, the couple lived in a rental apartment in Tokyo. I was able to reduce travel time near work and residence, and had many opportunities to meet people and work.

However, when the shift to Internet-based work and communication tools become the mainstream, the places where they work can no longer be anywhere.

And if a child is born, there are few places to play in the city center such as parks, and there is a lot of traffic and it is dangerous. Beware of neighbors as they make noise. Above all, there are many waiting children and they cannot enter the nursery at all.
So I moved to a suburban detached house. You can also enter a nursery, there are several parks in the neighborhood and you can play freely. Because it is a newly built residential area, the neighborhood is an elderly or office worker, so it is usually safe with few people and cars.

Rather than living there because of the money and living there because of the lack of money, why do I live there? For me, whether rent is high or low is not a high weight to judge [although there are limits], and relevance is of paramount importance.

In any case, those who think that they shouldn't work if they have the money can never beat those who want to work regardless of that. This is because those who enjoy the job can stay focused, maintain their intellectual curiosity, and develop their abilities. And since the stress doesn't accumulate, the mind is healthy.

There is an overwhelming difference from those who do not want to work if they have the money. To put it the other way around, if you feel, "Why do you work with that person's money?"

Sentence = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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