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Tomorrow May 28th (Thursday) at Lawson Store 100One whole body!Will appear! Big!

Big !!! 180g of extra large miratashi dumplings !!

Tomorrow, May 28th (Thursday), at the Lawson Store 100 nationwide, we were particular about the size.One whole body!Will appear.

Compared to the weight of one of the original skewered dumplings "VL Mitarata Danko (4 packs)" currently sold at Lawson Store 100, it is more than three times the weight, and if it is larger than this, it will be used as a skewered chicken. "I can't have it!", Pursuing the size of the limit.One whole body!".

A sweet, miso sauce for sticky rice balls. It's kind of a dream that you can chew on it with all your mouth. Of course, it seems that there is also a response to eating, so it seems that meal will be a substitute.

According to a volatile person who commercialized the product, he said, "I wanted to eat a whole cake and a whole cake!" thing.

The product will go on sale on May 28th (Thu), and will be available at Lawson Store 100 all over Japan for a price of 100 yen + tax. Check out Mitarashi Dango lovers!

Official site:"One whole body! Big Big Mitarashi Dumpling Lawson Store 100

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