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An application that reproduces the familiar “totalizer” in “The person who thinks it is ○○, switch on!”. If you have this, you might be able to ask critical questions without worrying about …?

Totalizer app “ Who pushed it !? ''

This season, drinking parties such as year-end party and New Year party increase. This app is recommended for those who want to “live up the venue anyway” or “want to stand out at a drinking table”Who pushed it ?!"is.

Great success when you want to excite the place!

First, start the app and enter a question.

For example, if you have a drinking party at work, enter a question such as “I am interested in my current job” or “I am thinking about changing jobs”

If you want to attack more, it might be interesting to say, “I have loved the workplace” or “I have a favorite person in the workplace”.

The answer button is only “Yes” or “No”. If the setting is changed, it can be changed to "YES" or "NO" specifications.

After that, if the respondent presses a button, the totalizer will display the number of people who answered “Yes”. I don't know who pushed it, so I might be able to ask those questions that I can't usually ask or such questions.

The sound at the time of the result announcement is “That song”!

The making is simple and easy to use, and the result announcement includes sound.

By the way, the sound was the “That song” familiar from the legendary Fuji TV program “You can laugh!”. Those who know the special plan “1/100 questionnaire” should be sure.

Speaking of being strong, isn't the answer due to finger movements? It is absolutely pear to guess the answer by finger movement as well as peeping.

Why don't you enjoy the year-end and New Year drinking party with "Who pushed ?!"

Who pushed it ?! ・ A sales agency: Jun Sutou
・ DL price when posting: Free
・ Category: Entertainment
・ Capacity: 1.8 MB
・ Version: 2.0
* Capacity is at maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

© Jun Sutou

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