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Binoculars growing due to demand for live and art appreciation, top sellers and how to choose-Yusuke Furuta's home appliance trend communication

Two times before'Giaino' sold out with new coronavirus, hot selling air purifierThis time, we asked Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba about the best selling binoculars.

At the store, the sales of binoculars have changed significantly in the last few years. According to Ryu Morioka, a camera specialist team, “The demand for those who want to use it at live venues is growing rapidly. The purchase population is overwhelmingly women, and even if you look at the entire binoculars, two out of three women are women. It ’s like buying it. ”

  • Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba 3rd floor binoculars counter. Mr. Ryu Morioka, a camera team, guided me

In addition to live demand, popular types include short focal length types that can be used like monoculars in museums and museums, high magnification types that are suitable for watching sports at stadiums, and types that are dedicated to watching the night sky at camps and the like. That. It seems to be a category that includes various needs.

Due to the violence of the new coronavirus, live performances and theater plays have been discontinued one after another. However, when life returns, it's not bad to consider introducing "eyes" that can enhance your enjoyment in special situations. Following the three purchases below, we'll follow the top 5 best sellers recently.

  • Introductory machines are generally 21 mm in diameter and 6 to 8 times. I want to check the difference by coating the lens
  • For live venues, the balance between lightness and quality is important at least eight times. Anti-vibration models are also popular
  • When visiting museums, the focus distance and the brightness of the lens are more important than the magnification. First of all, segregation by use

* Prices in the text and photos are as of 14:30 on February 20, 2020. Since it fluctuates every day, please take a look only for reference.

1st place: 14x model “VC Smart 14 × 30” with image stabilization

The top seller was Kenko Tokina's “ Overwhelmingly nominated buying ''VC Smart 14 × 30"is. It is a 14x model with a 30mm lens and features a two-axis optical image stabilization mechanism. Weight is 515g. The price including tax was 53,500 yen.

"A lot of products for live use are 8 to 10 times, but this product is 14 times as large, so it can be seen greatly from a long distance. At high magnification, camera shake will be severe, but please strongly suppress it The focus is on the lens coating, and it's easy to see because it's beautiful, so people who go to live seriously can reach it. "

  • Healthy Tokina “VC Smart 14 × 30”

2nd place: 390 g even at 8 times the diameter of 32 mm, "Atrek II HR8 x 32WP"

Vixen products follow from second place. Second place is the 8x modelAtrek II HR8 × 32WP"Was raised. The use of a 32mm lens to reduce the weight to 390g seems to have gained great support, especially among women. The price including tax is 20,800 yen.

"A lot of people are looking for a model that is as compact and light as possible, yet has a large lens diameter and abundant light collection and sufficient magnification. This is also a standard because it meets these needs at a high level."

Although the 10x magnification variation model “HR10 × 32WP” is also popular, it seems that the HR8 × 32WP, which can be seen at a relatively wide angle, is more often selected.

  • Vixen “ Atrek II HR8 x 32WP ''

3rd place: Arena Sports M8 x 25, a classic step-up from the entry level machine

After the third place, sales are dumplings, and the ranking fluctuates frequently. At the time of the interview, the third place was Vixen's 8 times model “Arena sports M8 × 25". 290g binoculars with a 25mm diameter lens. The price including tax is 13,820 yen. In terms of price, it is often selected as the next step-up model after the entry-level machine.

"In the beginning, many people start with models that cost thousands of yen, but they are often nominated for a better looking model. Aurora Coat, a lens coating that suppresses scattered light and sharpens the image The strength is that you can really feel the difference when you transfer, and it is attractive that you can afford it as it is. "

  • Vixen “ Arena Sports M8 × 25 ''

4th place: "at4 M4 x 18" with a reputation for viewing at art museums

The fourth place is a 4x model of Vixenat4 M4 × 18". This is different from the demand for live music so far, and it is sold for museum tours. The lens diameter is 18mm and the weight is 145g. The feature is that it is in focus even at a short distance of about 55cm. The price including tax is 8,470 yen.

"It's great for following brush touches in paintings and watching details like sword ripples and sculpture finishes. Monoculars have long been popular for such uses, but at4 uses binoculars I'm pleased that I can do it, and it's often bought by older people. "

  • Vixen “ at4 M4 x 18 ''

5th place: “Arena M8 × 21”, an introductory machine with high evaluation of lens coating

The introductory machine finally appears in 5th place. In terms of overall sales, although there are a large number of introductory machines, the popularity is scattered and it is difficult to stand out by model unit. Among them, eight times the model of Vixen "Arena M8 × 21Is often chosen after a comparative study. The lens is 21mm in diameter and weighs 170g. The price including tax is 6,160 yen.

"The market for entry-level machines is 6 to 8 times the market price for a 21mm diameter. Among them, the difference is the compactness of the body and the lens coating. The Arena M series is a" multi-coat "coating that reduces light loss and is bright and sharp Because it reflects the statue, it is often selected by comparison at stores. The weight is 170 g and it is light enough. "

  • Vixen “ Arena M8 × 21 ''

Protruding information … "SG2.1 × 42" popular with those who see the starry sky at the camp

Although it is difficult to enter the top selling items overall, as a star watching binoculars at camps etc., Vixen's "SG2.1 × 42"Is enthusiastically supported. It is a 2.1x model with a large 42mm lens and weighs 410g. The price including tax was 26,130 yen.

"Because it is possible to increase the amount of light collection than the naked eye, nebulae can be seen in a beautiful starry sky. Use is limited, but it is appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts because it can enjoy a vast field of view over ordinary binoculars It's been done. "

  • Vixen SG2.1 × 42

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