Birth of Shizuoka Asahi TV Machiko Hirose Ana @ Shimizu Kawai Papa

Shizuoka Asahi Television's Machiko Hirose, announcer [32], gave birth to his first child at 1:56 am on March 27.

J1 Shimizu S-Pulse, to which his husband Yosuke Kawai [30] belongs, announced on the 28th. It weighs 3100 grams and is healthy for both mother and child. Kawai commented, "I'm grateful to my wife for working hard and my son for being born well. I want to build a happy family with three family members."

Hirose Ana got married in January 2018. He announced his pregnancy in December last year, and was on maternity leave after appearing on the news program on the 25th, "Tobiri! Shizuoka Prefectural News." The bureau is scheduled to leave this spring.

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