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What do you drink when you eat a donut? Black coffee is a staple of the author, but I think there are regular accompaniments such as tea and milk.

When you eat donuts next time, please try this cafe aure! The 129 yen (excluding tax) of "Mild Cafe Aure <Caramel flavor>" released on July 6th is a "doughnut-only drink" that makes you enjoy the donuts even more deliciously!

Products born from the voice of Twitter

This product was developed based on the voice of the SNS that "Mild Cafe Aure fits donuts". Caramel scent is added to the usual mild cafe ole to give it a more delicious donut flavor. The cafe aure has a rather sweet impression, but you can also feel the refreshing aftertaste of the coffee, and the point that you can drink it is also a point.

Sweet donuts and sweet drinks aren't overkill…? I'm a little embarrassed, because I've been using black coffee to burn donuts. "

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