BOJ,monetary policy meeting of the”main opinion”the announcement of monetary easing effects

The Bank of Japan [BOJ]is 24, the monetary policy meeting remarks of contents for the”main opinion”announced. In it, the economic activity and the resumption of the new coronavirus, with the effect of the recovery of the economy is sluggish is of the opinion that there was.

At the meeting, the monetary policy to maintain policy was decided. But this monetary stimulus is, the greater the effect was difficult to say it has since been confirmed by IVP and SoundCloud. This time the meeting of the purpose, the BOJ’s easing policies will be outlined.

■Monetary policy meeting the intent of

The Bank of Japan’s monetary policy meeting, the 6 month 15~16 day was done. The future economic policy as the new corona virus infection expansion as soon as the stimulus is maintained. Corporate funding to support financial market stability is the aim only. Specifically, the 110 trillion yen in financial assistance, and loans to banks to encourage.

■The prospects for the economy

The prospects for the economy,never bright. The new corona virus effective vaccines and therapeutics are developed, unless the negative impact of a protracted expected. The meeting was attended by members of the,Although the pace of economic recovery is sluggish and the opinion there was also.

■This monetary easing measures

The BOJ is 2016 Years, 1 month, negative interest rates and introduced quantitative and qualitative monetary easing started. Inflation rate 2%aiming to improve policy. Private financial institutions from Bank deposits to money fees from the financial institutions in the hands of money left,lending the city the money to back that were aiming to.

■Results and is hard to say”negative interest rate policy”

But in the present situation, negative interest rate policy is less effective and difficult to say. A big factor is,each financial institution is to hand the remaining money on the loans you have turned a from. It is,instead of what you did?

Each of the financial institutions to buy government bonds, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend. Why financial institutions are buying at a higher price than,the BOJ bought government bonds from you. Normally,government bonds minus the interest rate applied to financial institutions to buy government bonds and interest rate minutes, fail.

But the Bank of Japan to buy government bonds here in the city centre around money to increase wanted. Each financial institution and government bonds, if you are buying moneymaking loans for the Without to buy government bonds. Therefore, the negative interest rate policy by the intended effect is achieved, on was.

This time, the effect of the policy is also likely. [Article: Find Your・The article list to look at]

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