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Born from a pioneer of wrinkle improvement! Care for "hidden wrinkles" that appear when you move your facial expression with "Pola Wrinkle Shot Geo Serum"

What is the difference from “Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum” released in 2017?

New items from Pola's wrinkle-improving medicated cosmetics and wrinkle shot brands that continue to challenge wrinkle research"Pola Wrinkle Shot Geo Serum"Is born! Focusing on the “expression pressure” that is applied to the skin by the movement of facial expressions, it incorporates many Pola original beauty ingredients (moisturizing ingredients). With the prescription design “Motion Skin Veil” that reduces facial pressure, it is possible to aim for flexible skin that moves flexibly according to facial expressions. I tried to verify its comfort!

A new item appears in Paula's wrinkle-improving medicated cosmetics and wrinkle shots!

Pola CorporationLaunched “Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum” as a quasi-drug in Japan for the first time in Japan (* 1) to improve wrinkles (* 2). As a pioneer of wrinkle improvement, I have continued to challenge wrinkle research.

* 1: As of October 2016, research by Pola Chemical Industries. * 2: Significance was obtained in the evaluation criteria of the anti-wrinkle product evaluation guidelines for acquisition of new effects established by the Japan Cosmetic Science Society.

From Pola's wrinkle improving medicinal cosmetics and wrinkle shot brand, newly"Pola Wrinkle Shot Geo Serum" (40g, suggested retail price 10,000 yen before tax / refill 40g, suggested retail price 9,500 yen before tax, released on January 1, 2020)Appeared! Where is the difference from medical serum?

Medical Serum focuses on “neutrophil elastase”, which is one of the causes of wrinkles, and contains POLA's original quasi-drug active ingredient “Neilwan® (* 3)” that suppresses it. It is a medicinal cosmetic that suppresses neutrophil elastase, which contributes to wrinkles, and improves wrinkles by “Neilwan dermal penetration formulation” that delivers its active ingredients to the dermis.

* 3: Sodium trifluoride isopropyloxopropylaminocarbonylpyrrolidinecarbonylmethylpropylaminocarbonylbenzoylaminoacetate Na.

On the other hand, Geo Serum is a product developed focusing on “expression pressure”, which is the force applied to the skin by the movement of facial expressions. Even if you don't usually have wrinkles on your face, there are many people who have wrinkles temporarily in their mouths and eyes when they laugh. Paula named the “hidden wrinkles” temporarily wrinkles that appear when such facial expressions are moved.

From the idea that latent wrinkles will eventually lead to fixing wrinkles, the “motion dynamism theory” focused on the expression pressure of the skin (horny layer) leads to firmness and flexible skin (horny layer), from the stage of latent wrinkles Geo Serum is about care.

POLA's original moisturizing ingredient “Motion S Liquid” focusing on skin (horny layer) flexibility, “NERE Liquid” to support beautiful and supple skin (horny layer), and moisture support of skin (horny layer) Contains moisturizing ingredients such as cornflower extract. In addition, a film that combines firmness and flexibility is used, and the formula “Motion Skin Veil” is used to make the skin (horny layer) move flexibly according to facial expressions. It is said that the expression pressure is reduced by these, and the skin with firmness can be aimed.

In other words, the combination of medical serum and geo-serum can be expected to improve the existing wrinkles while preventing the latent wrinkles that can become wrinkles.

For skin that is well-familiar and light, and that feels firm and elastic

Try the Wrinkle Shot Geo Serum!

A handwritten-style logo is drawn in blue letters on an orange bottle.

The texture is slightly soft.

Elongation is good and has a moist texture.

As it stretched to the back of the hand, it stretched smoothly and moistened the skin. For smooth and firm skin with smooth texture.

Next, use it on your face.

One usage is 1-2 pushes. Use in the morning and night, after lotion and before milk.

Apply the serum on your palm on the forehead, both cheeks, nose, and chin and apply to the entire face from the inside to the outside.

It stretches and penetrates into the skin.

There is no stickiness with a light touch.

You can see that the skin is moist.

It feels like a light veil on the skin and it feels light and light. It feels smooth and smooth. Finished with firm skin.

Next, try using Medical Serum.

An orange handwritten logo is drawn on a blue tube.

Since the tip of the tube is a stretch head, lightly apply the head to the mouth, forehead, and eyes that are worried about wrinkles, and place the serum to trace the wrinkles. Appropriate amount of wrinkles for fingertips (approx. 2 rice grains per site is recommended).

Simply trace the wrinkles in the tube!

It stretches from the inside to the outside and from the bottom to the top so that it stretches at right angles to the wrinkles. A smooth texture that blends into the skin. This is also a light touch.

As a result of using two wrinkle shot items together, the skin texture was smooth and moist and it felt firm and elastic.

Geo Serum is now recommended for people who want to prevent future wrinkles even if they do not have noticeable wrinkles, or who are concerned about temporary wrinkles that can be generated when they laugh. If you are already worried about wrinkles, we recommend using Geo Serum and Medical Serum.

"Pola Wrinkle Shot Geo Serum" can be purchased at Pola Shops, Department Store Polar Corners and Official Online Stores nationwide.

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