Bosch and Mercedes-Benz start demonstration test of self-driving dispatch service in San Jose, USA

In San Jose's Silicon Valley, a demonstration experiment has begun by both companies for an app-based dispatch service using Mercedes-Benz S-Class autonomous driving vehicles. The joint project between Bosch and Mercedes-Benz for the development of autonomous driving in urban areas seems to have entered a new stage.

Under the supervision of safety drivers, self-driving vehicles regularly return to and from San Carlos Street and Stevens Creek Street between western San Jose and the city center. This service is initially targeted to specific users only. Users can use the app developed by Daimler Mobility AG to make reservations for driving by S-class autonomous driving vehicles from a predetermined boarding point to their destination.

Bosch and Mercedes-Benz hope that this will provide valuable insights for further development of advanced and fully automated driving [SAE level 4/5] systems. It also provides further insight into how self-driving vehicles can be integrated into complex mobility systems including public transport and car sharing.

In mid-2017, San Jose invited private companies to the first demonstration test of autonomous driving in the United States to analyze the increasing challenges in road traffic. Especially in crowded urban areas, it can potentially improve safety through surround sensing of self-driving vehicles, and it can also improve traffic flow with a smooth driving style.

“As a city, how self-driving vehicles can help improve safety and reduce traffic jams, and help make transportation more accessible, sustainable, and comprehensive. We want to know more: Mercedes-Benz and Bosch projects are linked to San Jose ’s “Smart City” goals, as well as developing guidelines for dealing with new technologies, It ’s also beneficial for us in preparing for the transportation system, ”said Dolan Beckel, Director of San Jose Municipal Innovation and Digital Strategy.

“In order for automated driving to be used on a daily basis, the technology needs to function with high reliability and safety. To do this, we need a test like a demonstration in San Jose.” Said Michael Fausten, who heads the development of autonomous driving in the city of Robert Bosch GmbH.

“It ’s not just self-driving vehicles that have to prove its performance. We system developers also prove that self-driving dispatch services fit into the puzzle of urban traffic as a single piece. We can test both of these in San Jose, ”said Uwe Keller, who heads automated driving at Mercedes-Benz AG.

Let's expect how autonomous driving will evolve and become active in urban areas.

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