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Bosch announces new virtual visor "Virtual Visor" that shields only the eyes-Engadget

BoschOn January 5, 2020 (local time),BoschAnnounced a transparent digital sun visor "Virtual Visor" using an LCD panel.

"Virtual Visor" consists of a transmissive LCD panel and an in-vehicle camera. The driver's face is photographed with an in-vehicle camera, and AI analyzes the image to determine "from which angle sunlight is hitting the driver's eyes." It is a mechanism that reduces the glare by darkening the “only the panel that passes through” the sunlight that hits the eyes like sunglasses.

Conventional thick visors have the disadvantage that they can block out light but make it difficult to see in front. However, since this product is a transmissive liquid crystal panel, it remains transparent except for the darkened parts. It does not disturb your view. In addition, even if you turn left or right and the angle of sunlight changes, it automatically recognizes and blocks light.

A demonstration of this product will be exhibited at "CES 2020" in Las Vegas, USA from January 6, 2020 (local time). The sunlight, especially the glare of Saishin, is annoying for drivers. I want you to put it to practical use as soon as possible to drive comfortably.

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