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Bosch Germany announces “Help Connect'' function that automatically requests rescue in case of motorcycle accident-Engadget Japan version

Bosch Germany has announced Help Connect, an emergency call system that automatically calls help when a motorcycle crash occurs. Using an inertial sensor that calibrates the stability control function “MSC'' that Bosch has developed for motorcycles, the location of the accident is sent to the Bosch service center via smartphone and the contact information is relayed to the emergency service etc. ..

Bosch said in a release statement that the risk of accidental death for a rider is 20 times greater than a car. And, it is said that the survival rate can be improved by promptly seeking help in the event of an accident.

The Bosch MSC system measures the bike's tilt angle and adjusts the ABS and traction control accordingly. For example, a straight line maximizes the braking effect, while entering a corner detects the inclination of the bike and controls the brake pressure. It also detects front and rear pitching to prevent tire lift and enhances overall safety throughout braking.

This time, Help Connect can use the MSC system (Furthermore, even if thruster injection? ) It is a mechanism to rescue the rider as quickly as possible in the event of an accident. The inertial sensor measures the acceleration and angular velocity of the bike every 0.01 seconds and detects the fall situation. From the change in the measured value, it is possible to know the difference such as whether the motorcycle collided with some other vehicle while running or just fell while stopped, and if Help Connect determines that it is an accident, Bosch's service center The status report is now flying.

Bosch will start the service in Germany first and will roll it out to other countries in the future.

source: Bosch

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