Both iPhone and AirPods! Wireless charging tray that won't slip during charging

Your smartphone will stay charged when you are at home. If you pick it up only when you need it, you may find it bothersome to pull out and insert the cable.

However, if your smartphone supports wireless charging, charging will start just by placing it on the wireless charger, so you will be free from the hassles of cables.

Therefore, this time, we would like to introduce the "wireless charging tray" that will be released by domestic smartphone accessory manufacturer Deff!

Charges steadily just by placing it, no gaps on the way

Charges steadily just by placing it, no gaps on the way

A typical round wireless charger will not be charged unless it is aligned with the position where the smartphone will be charged, but since this wireless charging tray is vertically long, it can be placed naturally in the position where the smartphone is charged.

Charging speed is the same as wired

Most wireless chargers available on the market have a maximum of 5W, so I think that many people have a feeling of "slowness" in wireless charging. However, this wireless charging tray supports the latest 15W, so you can charge it as fast as wired.

Charging speed is the same as wired

Stylish design

The simple, single-colored design fits the atmosphere of the room without being too conspicuous no matter where it is placed in the house.

Stylish design

Because it’s something I do everyday

If you are worried about the "wireless charging tray" that reduces the things that tend to happen in wireless chargers and are not actually charged… please check it out.

Click here for details on the wireless charging tray →Wireless charging tray

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