Bottus of Mercedes-AMG / Austrian GP

On July 5, the 2020 opener Austrian GP final was held and Mercedes AMG's Bartelli Bottus won.

Red Bull's Max Verstappen retired due to trouble on the 11th lap in the early stage, and three safety cars entered and nine cars retired in a survival race. The Mercedes-AMGs also had gearbox problems and were forced to drive at a slower pace, but Bottas kept the lead until the end.

"There was a lot of pressure throughout the race. It's good once, but because the safety car was dispatched many times and Lewis had many opportunities. Today he was very fast and he had to control everything. I had a sensor problem and had to run without curbs to work on the car. It feels great to win the race." [Bottus]

Lewis Hamilton was penalized with a 3-grid relegation penalty by ignoring the yellow flag in the qualifying session and started from 5th grid, but immediately recovered to 2nd place and put pressure on Bottus. However, when he introduced a safety car in the final stage, he contacted Alexander Arbon, who had changed to soft tires, and was penalized with a 5 second penalty. Although he finished in 2nd place, the final result was demoted to 4th place. Ferrari's Charles Leclerc came in second, and McLaren's Land Norris in third, earning his first career podium in the second year of F1 promotion.

The opening race was a rough survival race in which nine cars retired [two of them were treated as complete]. Arbon stopped the car due to trouble after contact and retired [finished 13th place], and Alpha Tauri's Danil Kubiat stopped after a tire burst on the final board and finished 12th, and Honda's 7 was Pierre Guthrie. The result was only rank. [Mr. Yoneke Minoki]

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