Bramayo Yoshida declares "I'll do PTA" for my son

A special program "Uramayo! @ New Year's 2 Hours SP" of Kantere's variety "Uramayo!" Where Black Mayonnaise serves as MC will be broadcast from 1:30 pm on the 2nd.

In the “Black Mayonnaise Manifesto for 2020 Loose” section, Black Mayonnaise “loosely” declares what he or she wants to try this year. Kei Yoshida [46] proclaims "I will do PTA" for her only son who enters elementary school. Inviting an active PTA officer to the studio, Yoshida interviews the real situation.

Is Ryuichi Kosugi [46] a reckless challenge for his partner? Asserts that "it will fall in the election to choose a PTA." Furthermore, Yoshida, who knew that it was necessary to first watch the local area and prepare for the PTA chairman, might not be able to fulfill his duties if he saw “ something '' at the time of the watching work They all laughed out loud.

"When I heard the actual situation, I thought that it would be really troublesome, but it didn't happen." After the recording, Kosugi said that he had set a goal for the year, saying, "I decided at the end of last year to run the marathon absolutely. It was tough, but I decided concretely for the first time last year." Yoshida said, "I haven't made anything at all. Even when I was M-1, I just stopped trying to get M-1 and said," I can't keep what I decided today. [I don't have a plan] I don't think I can do something one year from now that I can't do what I decided today [laughs]. " did.

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