Bread from all over Japan to start frozen bread–Pan For You

Pan For You is a personalized subscription service that will deliver freshly baked bread from bakery stores across the country on February 26.PanskHas been launched. The monthly fee is 3700 yen [tax not included, shipping fee included].


同 社 In addition, as a service for offices, the company launched the frozen bread welfare service “Office Pansk” from autumn 2018. In about a year and a half, it has exceeded 150 companies.

According to the company, an unprecedented bread boom continues, with more than 100 bread festivals being held annually nationwide. Although there are fans who go to distant bakeries, not everybody can easily go to buy bread nationwide at any time.

Therefore, the company will launch a new service for individual homes. Under the theme of "Let's travel with delicious bread," bread is sent out from bakers anywhere in the country once a month. In March, the service launch month, we plan to ship from any bakery in Saitama, Kanagawa, Okinawa, or Ishikawa.


冷凍 The company's frozen bread is characterized by the fact that freshly baked bread is frozen at our bakery using our own freezing technology and delivered. It can be stored for one month in a freezer. According to the company, a survey by the Japan Food Research Laboratories has demonstrated that the company's frozen bread is of higher quality than bread that has been baked and left at daily temperature.

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