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Breaking news: New iPhone SE, Yodobashi and Bic will be released from 24th, and reservations are starting on the Web. Pick-up at some stores-Engadget Japan version

iPhone SE Yodo and Bic
Yodobashi Camera and BicCamera have started handling the iPhone SE [2nd generation] SIM-free version. The release date is April 24, the same as Apple direct sales. We have already started accepting reservations on the websites of both companies [see the source link at the end of this article for reservation pages].

The price is the same as Apple's direct sales, but the points of both stores are added [1% for Yodobashi, BIC is unknown at the time of writing the manuscript, the price is not included for Apple, Yodobashi and BIC include tax].

Note thatBoth companies say, "Reservations are only on the Web, but only at some stores."[For stores, see below]. EspeciallyFor Yodobashi, only 2 stores are available when writing the manuscript, and 11 stores [10 stores in real]Therefore, be careful.
iPhone SE yodo and bic
▲ announces on the top banner of the site

iPhone SE yodo and bic
▲ A notice on the SIM-free version iPhone page. At the time of writing the manuscript, it cannot be confirmed from the top, so it is a slightly plain impression

Although it is a handling store,Yodobashi Camera has the following 2 storesHas become.

  • Multimedia Akiba
  • Multimedia umeda

iPhone SE yodo and bic
▲ BicCamera. List of stores handling com. It is difficult to understand the notation, but Yurakucho store is also included in the store designation on the reservation form
iPhone SE yodo and bic
▲ This is price information. Although there is a statement that "it will be subject to point service", the return rate is unknown at the time of writing the manuscript

For BicCamera, 7 stores were on sale on the 24th, 2 stores were on the 25th, and 2 stores were not listed on the handling date.Will be.

At the time of writing the manuscript, you can select from 10 stores, including the Yurakucho store, as the store you wish to receive the reservation form [Biclo BicCamera Shinjuku East Exit store is not an option].

■ No handling date stated

  • Yurakucho store
  • BICQLO Bic Camera Shinjuku East Exit

■ From Friday, April 24

  • Ikebukuro Main Store
  • Shinjuku West Store
  • Shibuya East Store
  • Tachikawa store
  • Omiya Sogo Store
  • Nagoya Station West Store
  • Namba store

■ From Saturday, April 25

Okay, the new iPhone SE, whose strange 3rd edition is postponed until May 11th on May 19, is the new iPhone SE, but major mass retailers Yodobashi Camera and Bic Camera will start selling at the same time as Apple direct sales. Yes, it seems like good news.

However, even though this time is probably a COVID-19 measure, the severe condition is that only those who have a store nearby will … … so I would like you to alleviate this area in the future.

What you shouldn't miss is the fact that both companies will sell the SIM-free version of the iPhone online for the first time, which will be the first simultaneous sale with Apple direct sales. Because the SIM-free iPhone "ban" of both companies was from the iPhone XS at the end of January, the first new iPhone product after the ban will be the new SE.

This simultaneous sale with the Apple Store means that future SIM-free iPhones may also be sold directly with Apple. This is a very important step for the future, where the SIM-free version of the iPhone can be bought at retail stores other than Apple.


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