British pound weekly Outlook: together UK interest rates 先安観 rest

*14:47JST British pound weekly Outlook: together UK interest rates 先安観 rest
■Lower the reluctance, the BoE monetary policy of maintaining the status quo to determine the

Last week, Pound・Yen is lower reluctance. The European Union [EU] from the UK withdrawal of the formal decision was conscious pounds a Buy is completed, the US long-term decline in interest rates received pounds buy・USD sell is observed and this effect in the pounds・yen 141 yen first half down the astringency, and 143 yen to the back. Incidentally, the British Central Bank is 1 on 30 November,the monetary policy status quo by a majority decision. Trading range:141 yen 26 sen−143 yen 29 sen.

■Together, the UK interest rate 先安観 rest

This week’s pound・yen is also contact from. The new corona virus infection with the expansion of the global economy slowdown vigilant. Because of this, the U.S. dollar・yen on the big move, if there is not a risk appetite by pounds buy・yen sell-out expected. UK interest rates 先安観 is retracted and the pound・yen of the increase of that part of the reason seems.

○The announcement of the appointment 英主 cost indicators・notable events
・Especially without

Expectations:142 yen 00 Sen−144 yen 00 Sen《FA》

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