Broadcom announces BCM4389, the first mobile chip compatible with Wi-Fi 6E

Wi Wi-Fi Alliance, a non-profit trade association, is set to enter 2020, a new standard for Wi-Fi devices with the ability to operate in the 6 GHz bandLaunched "Wi-Fi 6E". Shortly afterwards, Broadcom launched a new Wi-Fi 6E-enabled chipset at CES 2020 for access points and routers. The company also announced the next step, its first Wi-Fi 6E-compatible mobile chip, the Broadcom BCM4389.

Provided by: Broadcom

Provided by: Broadcom

The aim is to have this chip installed in the next generation of smartphones so that the newly added bandwidth can be used.

The 6GHz band has lower performance at long distances than the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands used by current generation Wi-Fi devices,Bandwidth is much wider1200MHz equivalent. In contrast, the 5GHz band is 500MHz. With a 160 MHz width, you can add seven channels, and each channel has enough room to transfer large amounts of data as fast as possible.

The main specifications of Broadcom BCM4389 are as follows.

  • Supports 2 streams of Wi-Fi 6E
  • “ Multi-Radio Bluetooth 5 '' with antenna beam forming technology
  • "Tri-Band Simultaneous" [TBS] architecture with dedicated background scan radio
  • Operation with Simultaneous Dual-Band
  • PHY rate 2.63Gbps
  • Operation in unlicensed band in 2.4GHz band and 5.1-7.125GHz band
  • Channel bandwidth 160MHz
  • Modulation method "1024-QAM"
  • OFDMA [Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access]
  • MU-MIMO [Multi-user MIMO]

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