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BTS collaboration completely wireless earphone, Galaxy Buds+ has started reservation in Japan. Special corner at Galaxy Harajuku-Engadget Japan version


On July 9, Samsung Electronics Japan started accepting reservations for "Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition" at Galaxy Harajuku and BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP, which are directly operated stores in Harajuku, Tokyo. It is scheduled to go on sale in the middle of August, and the price is 25,300 yen. In addition, reservations will begin accepting from July 14th at all Tower Records stores across Japan and Tower Records Online.

The model is a completely wireless earphone that collaborated with the Korean music group "BTS". This model was announced overseas in June. The earphone body and case use BTS and a deep purple color ring with a deep knowledge, and the BTS logo is applied. As an accessory, photo cards for all BTS members are also included.

Reference article:Samsung announces BTS collaboration model for "Galaxy S20+" and "Buds+" overseas

If you are a BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL FAN CLUB member, you can get the "Charging Pad for Putting" as a privilege if you purchase at the BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP. We have already accepted the first reservation for members only, but due to the favorable reception that exceeded expectations, we are starting the second reservation from July 9.


With the chip built in the earphone case, you can change the design of BTS special specification wallpaper download and app icon by holding the earphone case over the Galaxy smartphone. In addition, BTS animation is displayed on the smartphone when connecting or charging the Galaxy smartphone.


In line with this collaboration model, we plan to set up a special corner on the first and second floors of Galaxy Harajuku for a limited time to experience the collaboration model. The period is from July 15th.

The base model, the Galaxy Buds+, is a model featuring a long battery that allows up to 11 hours of continuous music playback with a single earphone. If you use the charging case together, you can play for an additional 11 hours and enjoy music for up to 22 hours. It is also equipped with a quick charge function, and can play music for about 60 minutes by charging for 3 minutes.

In terms of sound quality, the feature is that it adopts a 2-way system, which is equipped with two sounding units for the high range and low range [both are dynamic types]. It is said that you can enjoy a high-quality audio experience that features powerful bass and clear treble.

Supported devices are Android devices with OS 5.0 or above and RAM 1.5GB or above, iPhone 7 or above [OS is iOS 10 or above]. The codec supports AAC and SBC, as well as Samsung's own Scalable Codec.

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