Bulk buying deals at 800 million yen? ! Six Lancia historic machines on auction

Lancia is a brand that has rarely been seen in recent years. However, it has once left a lot of glory in the world of rallying and motor sports. What has attracted attention from Lancia fans around the world this time is the news that six Lancias wrapped in Martini Color will be listed at auction.

There are six Lancias and collectors like WRC winner Delta HF Integrale, works car S4, Italian rally winner 037 Rally and B Le Mans. The lineup is unbearable. The collection is owned by entrepreneur and racer John Campion. These six are called "The Campion Collection", and although the price of each is not disclosed, it is said that it can be purchased for 7.5 million [approximately 817.5 million yen] if you buy it as an adult. Given that each has a classical certification and has historical value, it may be a bargain at this price. Introducing the Campion Collection.

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1981 Lancia Beta Monte Carlo Turbo Group V

The most successful competition machine in Lancia. It weighs only 780kg and is powered by Abarth's 1425cc four-cylinder engine, delivering 500 horsepower. He has won two classes in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and twice in the World Sports Car Championship.

1982 Lancia LC1 Group VI

A machine designed by Dallara. Demonstrated 450 horsepower with a vehicle weight of 640 kg. 1982 Silverstone debuted in six hours, defeating Porsche 956 Group C. In the same year, they also won the Mugello 1000km, an important venue for the Nürburgring and Italian brands.

1983 Lancia LC2 Group C

A machine jointly designed by Lancia, Dallara and Abarth. 1983 Retired at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but finished 2nd at Kyalami 1000km. In 1985 he retired from motorsport.

1984 Lancia 037 Rally Evo2 Group B

From 1985 to 1987 he has been active on numerous rallies. He was also a participant in the Mille Miglia, but one of the most notable drivers of this car was Gratiano Rossi, the father of Valentino Rossi. It seems that cash register papers in Italy still remain.

1985 Lancia Delta S4 Corsa Group B

Manufactured as a test car for the Works, it made its debut at the 1986 Mille Miglia and won. Champions such as Marc Allen and Miki Beersion took the wheel. Prior to entering the collection in 2016, he also participated in small rallies.

1988 Delta HF Integrale 8V Group A

Controlled by Miki Biasion, he won the Rally de Portugal in 1988 and the WRC Olympus Rally, leading him to the championship for the second consecutive year. The point is that it is restored to its original form, just like when it entered the Rally de Portugal.

In this case, not a few collectors are aiming for all six.

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