Bunne, the first comedy challenge was "deep and difficult"

A press conference was held in Tokyo on the 29th to announce the completion of the movie "Ikeike! Bakaonna-Go My Way-" [released on July 31] starring actress Bunon [32].

A live-action manga of the same name by Yumiko Suzuki. A comedy that replaces the original bubble era with the present and depicts Alasar girls with many problems such as romance, work, friendship. Bunne plays Yuko, the protagonist who works for an apparel maker, Nicole Ishida [30], a beautiful and preeminent Setsuko, and Mami [28], an addictive girl Emi whose fashion changes whenever her boyfriend changes.

Bunne, who appeared with a co-star, Kota Nagata [49], taking a social distance, is the first comedy challenge. “No, it was really difficult because comedy was so deep. [Nagata] Director had a great enthusiasm, and I felt as if I played hard every day. The director said that the tempo is important, and I usually take it slowly. I'm talking, but I made it from a place where I could talk." Director Nagata said, “A comedy is not interesting without the protagonist's heat. I thought about keeping the heat.”

Ishida, who has a funny face up on the big screen, says, "It's not a funny face, it's a face with a strong war [laughs]. I was worried that it would be okay to be projected on a big screen and returned." looked back.

When asked about what he was doing to improve girls' power during the period of self-restraint, Bunon said, “I really practiced yoga and became mentally calm.” Ishida said, "I'm just a pack. I tried various cosmetics and basic cosmetics, and the color became white." Mao said, "It was boiled with vegetables."

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