Burger King appeals to "moldy wapper"


Burger King appeals to "moldy wapper"

Burger King announces a commercial that says "The Wapper will be moldy."

Burger King | The Moldy Whopper-YouTube [/ embed]

Burger King thinks moldy Whoppers will get you to buy more burgers-CNN

The commercial movie in question started from where the pedestal was loaded with the material of the wrapper, such as buns, patties, pickles, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce.

After all the ingredients are stacked, adjust the appearance with tweezers and scissors …

A delicious wapper is completed.

The commercial this time is to leave this wapper alone. In the movie that has been released, you can see the state of the abandoned wapper by fast-forwarding. At the beginning of the experiment, the wapper looked delicious …

The lettuce wilted in a moment, and the patty became fancy.

In the movieAround 17 seconds, White mold grew from the patty.

It is full of white mold in no time. In addition, BGM of Dyna Washington who also played the Hall of Fame at the Grammy Awards “What a Difference A Day Makes"

When you expand the ingredients, it looks like this.

In addition to white mold, blue mold has also begun to breed. Buns are dry and dry. Patty is covered with mold and is in a state where it can no longer be determined whether it is meat.

This is the state on the 34th day at the end of the experiment. It looks more like something moldy than a wapper.

At the end of the movie, the words "beauty without using artificial preservatives" appeared. The purpose of this commercial to produce mold on the wapper is that no preservatives are used in the Burger King.

Marketing companyYouGovAnnounced in September 2019ResearchAccording to Americans in recent years, food additivesGrowth hormoneSuch as "food safety",Millennials51% of millennials and 57% of millennial parents buy more organic products than they did five years ago. Marketing companyNielsenAlso in 2018 about consumers' tendency to pay higher prices for natural and environmentally friendly products in 2018reportdoing.

Most Burger Kings in Europe say they are eliminating food additives to switch to healthy, organic ingredients. "We believe 'real food is delicious.' Therefore, in all countries around the world, we make artificial preservatives and coloring from the foods we serve," said Fernando Machado, International Marketing Division at Burger King. We are working hard to remove additives and additives. "

According to CNN, McDonald's has begun using antibiotic-free chicken in 2016, and since 2018 has not used preservatives on some hamburgers. Wendy's, on the other hand, did not respond to CNN inquiries.

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