Burger King's Premium Friday Wapper

Premium Friday started on February 24, 2017. How many people nationwide since the launch have become premium on the last Friday of the month? At least in the case of the author, there is no change before and after the implementation, and there is no dream or salvation as before.

For such Premium Friday,It seems that Burger King has started doing something you do not understand. For one week only from February 21 to 28, 2020Premium Friday Wapper]Began to be sold.

・ Because it is Burger King

The announcement is on the official website,1 week sales periodWhen,Start selling at 14:00 each dayThat is. TreatmentSome stores onlyAll of them must be stores in Tokyo. And it is written only that one account is one and it ends as soon as the stock runs out. The key,Mystery about what kind of wapper it isIt is.

But that's what Burger King does. Burger King's public relations style often includes somehow black jokes, satire, and sometimes pure distractions.

Many of you may have remembered a crisp campaign for a particular McDonald's store that closed. Even this time, Premium Friday is a storyMust be doing something.

So when I came to the store where I was selling, the menu was displayed on the cash register.The price is 790 yen for a set. 490 yen for a single item.You can see the pictures as usual, but is this a Premium Friday Wapper?

I saw it somewhere …I feel like the same picture as a normal wapperBut how is this? Well, you might just post a picture of the Wapper for convenience, to keep things secret until you buy it. By the way, the notation of the receipt was also "wapper".

When I received it and looked at the set, the drinks and French fries were as usual. But the Premium Friday Wapper was in its own box. It will be a premium feeling.Everything is golden and quite big.

Seen from the top, is the height and width about 16 cm?

The height is about 9 cm.

If the contents are big enough for this box, it has a premium feeling. By the time you finish eating,This Friday may be as good as premium.

Burger King, can I believe it?た ら If it is delicate to expect so far, this Friday is far from premiumCan you force it to be Friday the 13th?

Premium or 13th, open now …

[There's a spectacular spoiler ahead!方 If you want to see for yourself, close the article and go to Burger King! ]




this is……

Isn't it just a wapper? ! ! !

The following statement is carefully on the back of the top lid.

"What day is the last Friday of the month?
Surely only the name is always premium
Unchanged friday
So, with only the name premium
We have prepared the same wiper. "

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!Hoshisan Burger King. This treatment with age in the premium feeling of the box. I'm prepared to hit all the grudges of Premium Friday, which wasn't the premium for about three years, unreasonably …

Oh?Something still continues below.

Please check the coupon on the back.

When I turn over …

_People people people people people people people people people
> Premium Friday Wapper Free Ticket <
 ̄Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ̄

I forgave you.The redemption period is a bit ahead from March 2 to March 8, but it is a premium to get 490 yen for free. No, it's a petit premium if you think it was like a real wapper half price. ButIt's OK because it's more premium than the government's premium Friday.

Source:Burger King

Report:Egawa supplies

Photo: RocketNews24.

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