“Business Super”deployment of Kobe Bussan,19 years 10 months ended sales and operating income

■Sales rose 12. 1% and operating income up 22. 4% increase

Kobe Bussan[3038]is 13 days over after 19 years and 10 months of full year consolidated financial results announced. Sales rose 12. 1% increase of 2,996 billion 1,600 million yen,operating income up 22. An increase of 4% 192 3 billion,900 million yen,ordinary income of 22. 8%, an increase of 194 3 billion,400 million, the final profit is 16. 3%, an increase of 120 billion 5,600 million yen sales was. Net sales operating income operating income ratio year on year of 5. From 9% to 0. 5-point improvement of the 6. 4% and the strong earnings was.

【Here】Oriental,full-year earnings forecast is revised upward Net Profit of 27. 7%decrease from the 15. 6%decrease in

US-China trade friction and other external factors or drugstore e-Commerce, and rise of, such as the business environment is severe the situation was,aggressive product development such as customer needs quickly and products,high quality and best price provided. Also the mainstay business of Super except business, primarily due to strong sales in all segments sales record. The earnings release and at the same time 1 share 35 yen year-end dividend forecast to 5 yen, raising 40 yen year-end dividend and announced that. Results of the fiscal year represented.

■Business Super nationwide in 845 stores

Kobe Bussan is a green sign in the”business supermarkets”of the FC headquarters, as a 19 year 10 at the end of the month 845 stores of FC member for guidance and assistance. Frozen food and processed food mainly for their private brand product development is also making efforts in recent years, media exposure has increased the number from customers to the product has been well received in the market. 19 years 10 months and 32 stores opened, and the target number of new stores opened in 25 stores on the back of it.

Sales of more than 9%, accounting for the business Super business of the other,directly managed and FC deployed in the out of the meal business”Kobe cook business”or subsidiary to eating out deployment”Cook Technology Venture Business”, solar and wood biomass power generation”by eco renewable energy business”, food and environment theme Business Continuing to diversify and expand business in moving towards.

■22 years 10 months of sales target 3,467 billion yen, operating income of 230 billion yen

Also, 22 year 10 month period of the medium-term management plan are also presented. “Food”in the areas of retail, meal, dining out, manufacturing to business to expand,in conjunction with the”food”through social contribution activities and environmentally friendly operations, the ESG measures and the policy. Work super early 900 stores, we aim to achieve,”food and the structure of Integrated Production and sales,”to strengthen the M&A also actively promote that.

Medium-term management plan numerical targets, the 22 year 10 month period, sales are 3,467 billion [19 years 10 months compared to 15. 7%increase], operating income of 230 billion yen [a 19. 5%], and ROE each year more than 20% to maintain and. The uniqueness of the high FC model,private goods efforts against the greedy from the continued expansion is expected for it. [Article: 拓蔵・The article list to look at]

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