“Business”more than the English holders,9% greater”work advantage” in World survey

Employment agencies of world is 3 days, English is a job・changing jobs affects the results of the survey published. Business level English or higher with a business of more than 9%,”the work in English is an advantage to have worked there”and answers. About 8% of the employment in the English-dominated work and feel.

【Here】Work in haste”English”I need to do? Now you can from English measures【Department change・job change other]

The survey is delivered through the Internet,world registered full time, working as business 1,122 people responded. And English speaking people surveyed have been excluded from that. World is a global human resources specializing in this survey is a international job targeting will be especially interesting for people who was.

■English level”business”of more than 9% of the”work advantage worked”

“The work in English is advantage to work for you”and to the question, the expert 96% of the business, the level of 91%is”you”and answered. English [business level]70%,elementary level [greetings Level]41%leave all that.

“That,”answered and asked the man advantage worked to the point [multiple answers], the”communication for a smooth”was the highest. “The duties and responsibilities of range”,”the boss and the colleague of cooperation and”followed it. English language proficiency interpersonal relationships from operations to affect the means.

■English level”business”of more than about 8% of the”career advantage to work for”

“Changing jobs in English is advantage to work for you”and the question is, advanced in 88%,business level in 79% of”you”and answers. Intermediate 51%, elementary 24%in the big difference as well. Job in advantage to work at least Business level English is desirable for this one.

Specifically, the advantage worked the point is,”work[or career]choices spread”,”the adoption of screening to go through and”sort of.

■English proficiency and the selection process to the advantage

Document screening and interview, including selection,Business level in 68%, intermediate in 54%passes by and answers. Intermediate level of English, even working in the selection process to go through and you may want to focus on. [Article: Berlin・report・The article list to look at]

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