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Bust Hip Q & A # 10 How to Care for Breast Loss After Breastfeeding?

Worries about worries about breasts that are difficult for women to consult. From my experience in the care of thousands of breasts and buttocks, I will tell you the causes of each problem and how to improve them. This time, we will introduce the causes and how to care for those who feel that their bust tension has disappeared after breastfeeding.

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  • How to care for breast tension to disappear after breastfeeding?

    How to care for breast tension to disappear after breastfeeding?

Pregnancy to post-lactation, when the bust changes most in a woman's life. There are individual differences in the size change, but after breastfeeding, you often feel that your bust has become smaller! This time, I would like to tell you about the cause of the change of the bust due to breastfeeding, and its prevention and countermeasures.

Changes in bust during pregnancy and lactation

When you become pregnant, your hormonal balance changes, and the breast glands are activated for lactation, which changes the size of your bust. Although there are individual differences, there are changes of about 1 to 2 cups. After lactation, the activated mammary glands return to their pre-pregnancy state, and the bust size returns accordingly.

Changes in bust felt after lactation and their causes

After lactation, many people may feel the bust shaved or thin. The reason for this is the change in bust size after the pregnancy and lactation. The size change causes the Cooper's ligament, which is also the skin and internal connective tissue, to stretch to fit the size, so that when the size returns after breastfeeding, the entire bust feels as if it has been cut.

Bust care to work on after lactation

After lactation, working on bust care as early as possible can reduce the feeling of shaving and thinning. Here are five points that are easy to work on.

(1) Let's re-size the bra

From gestation to lactation, the bust is a very delicate period, so you will often wear a nursing bra or inner with a cup, but after the lactation period, return to a regular bra. At this time, we recommend that you have your fitter check the size again instead of using the pre-pregnancy bra as it is.

(2) A balanced diet

Breast milk is based on blood. As a result, your body may be undernourished or your diet may be out of balance with your child's diet after breastfeeding. If you are undernourished, your female hormones may become less secreted and unbalanced, making it difficult to regain your bust and elasticity.

(3) Exercise promotes blood circulation

When working with small children, their posture tends to lean forward. In addition, the child often spends a lot of time holding it, making it easier for the shoulders and back to become stiff and stiff, and the décolleté to be hard. If the blood flow deteriorates, it is difficult to carry the nutrition and hormones necessary for the bust, so it is important to relax the whole body by stretching. Recently, there are more classes, such as yoga, that you can join with your children. Also,Last timeTake in the exercises that you have introduced.

(4) Do not forget about moisturizing

After lactation, start bust massage. It is important to be careful not to give a massage that gives a strong stimulus or friction to the bust. It is important to gently massage the breast that has been overloaded by changes in bust size. In addition, let's support the tension and elasticity of the skin from the outside by keeping moisturizing.

(5) good quality sleep

Busy moms who are doing child care, housework, and work tend to have a lack of sleep. Continued sleep deprivation can easily lead to stress and lead to disturbances in female hormones. If you can't get enough time, try to get a good night's sleep. Melatonin, a sleep hormone, is derived from the hormone serotonin that is secreted during the day. It is effective to take the morning sun or exercise rhythm to activate serotonin. Be conscious to improve your sleep quality.

If your child is small, you will have less time to take care of yourself. Pay attention to your daily underwear, meals and daily rhythms, and try to use massages and exercises that can be done in a short time. Every day fine adjustment leads to beauty bust.

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