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Bust Hip Q & A 11th Should bust also be "skin care"?

Worries about worries about breasts that are difficult for women to consult. If I have been involved in the care of thousands of breasts and buttocks in the past, I will tell you the causes of each trouble and the measures to improve it. This time, bust is about the importance of "skin care".

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"Is it better to bust when skin care?" (30-year-old housewife)

  • Should a bust also do "skin care"?

The effect of female hormones, which decrease with age, makes the bust less elastic and elastic.4thThe massage introduced in the section can be expected to deliver female hormones and nutrition to the bust, and to enhance the tension and elasticity from the inside.

Furthermore, since the bust surface is the same skin as the face, external skin care is also important. We will introduce skin care methods to further increase the elasticity of the bust in the dry winter.

Is moisturizing the bust necessary?

I notice that there are a lot of women whose bust is dry even when we take care of customers at the salon. When you talk about moisturizing, while you moisturize your body and face with lotion or cream, someone who says “ I do not do anything because I do not know what to use for my bust '' Almost.

However, as the bust surface dries, it tends to have a reduced impression, and the ability to keep weight and shape is weakened. Make sure that the skin on the bust surface is a natural bra and keeps it moisturized.

Should I use a special bust for moisturizing?

We have many questions about care products. Basically, we recommend using a bust massage cream, but if you don't have it, you can use a body or face cream unless it is very irritating.

When applying lotion to your face, let's moisturize together from decollete to bust. Especially after bathing, the skin temperature tends to rise and the barrier function decreases, so the skin tends to dry out.

Bust care, which tends to be postponed, can be done at the same timing as your face, which helps prevent dryness. Let's keep moisturizing within 3 minutes after bathing! At that time, after lotion such as lotion, cover with milky lotion or cream.

How to use special care to moisturize?

What we want to do in conjunction with daily moisturizing is special care to further increase moisturizing power. If you feel that your bust isn't energetic, your tension, elasticity, or luster is getting worse, we recommend using an oil pack.

As a procedure, apply a natural vegetable oil such as jojoba oil to the entire bust moisturized with lotion. After wrapping from above, warm with a hot towel from above (you can easily make a hot towel by heating a wet and squeezed towel in a microwave).

If the towels start to cool, remove the wrap and massage the bust with gentle rubbing with the oil remaining on the surface. The oil will penetrate and the entire bust will become fuller, so please try it as a special care during this season when drying is easy to proceed.

If you feel bust or pain before menstruation, you should apply the oil pack after menstruation.

Your bust dries just like your face. If you leave it as it is, aging will be easy to progress, so please do not forget to keep daily moisturizing. By increasing the moisture, the texture of the bust also rises.

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