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Bust Hip Q & A 12th: "Hug" is effective for lowering female hormones? Why should you do Araser?

Worries about worries about breasts that are difficult for women to consult. If I have been involved in the care of thousands of breasts and hips so far, I will tell you the causes of each trouble and how to improve it. This time, we will discuss the causes of bust that changes with age and how to deal with it.

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"With my age, my chest has been drooping down."

  • "Hug" is effective in lowering female hormones?

    Can Hug Help Reduce Female Hormones?

Drooping feeling due to bust drooping with age and reduced elasticity. There are individual differences in the changes, but since the middle of the thirties, many people feel that "that …?!" This time, I would like to introduce the cause of bust change due to aging and its countermeasures.

Changes in female hormone secretion

The "female hormone," which can be said to be the key to women's beauty and health. The amount of female hormone secretion gradually increases from the time of menarche, and reaches its heyday in the mid-20s and mid-30s, and then gradually decreases toward menopause.

Female hormones are also deeply involved in mammary gland activation. The bust grows during puberty when the secretion increases, but with the decrease, the bust starts to change.

It's important to embrace change and prevent dive

As mentioned earlier, the secretion of female hormones gradually declines toward menopause after the heyday of secretion in the twenties and mid-thirties. Female hormones are the cornerstone of beauty and health. I would like to maintain the secretion level if possible, but the decrease toward menopause is a natural mechanism of the body, and there are disadvantages due to too much female hormone secretion.

The key to aging aging care is to embrace change and take care of that change, and not to let the declining secretion rate plummet.

The following three points are how to prevent a rapid decrease in female hormones and minimize the progress of aging of the bust.

3 points to prevent female hormone disturbance

Disruption of female hormones is mainly caused by "disordered autonomic nerves" and "decreased ovarian function." Although there are individual differences, most people in their late 30s and 40s are affected by disturbances in the autonomic nervous system. Let's be aware of three points to prevent a sudden decrease in female hormones.

(1) Increase reset time and time when you feel comfortable and fun

Every day I often feel opaque stress. Take a little time out of the day, so take time to relax or have fun and try to reset the stress that tends to accumulate unconsciously.

(2) Ensure good sleep time

Sleep is an important time to rest your mind and body. Make sure you have a good night's sleep between 22:00 and 2:00, the so-called Golden Time, for the release of growth hormone that is involved in restoring your body and mind.

(3) Promotes the secretion of "happy hormone" oxytocin

Oxytocin, also called a touching hormone, is a hormone that promotes secretion through skinship with family and partners, and makes you happy and gentle. Relaxing the mind also leads to the stability of the autonomic nervous system. It is said that secretion is promoted by contact, but loving yourself with self-care is also recommended.

This time, I introduced measures for the change of bust due to aging from the aspect of stabilization of female hormones. Next time, I will introduce how to deal with changes in the texture of the bust due to the decrease in female hormones.

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Women-only bust & hip care salon to prepare women's mind and body"THE BEAUTIFUL"representative.
Appears, supervises and writes in various media.
She is a beauty therapist specializing in female hormones, bust care, and hip care, which also conducts lectures and lectures such as "Bust & Hip Care Lessons" and "Beauty Hormone School" throughout Japan.

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