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Bust / Hip Q & A # 15 Creating "Beautiful Breasts" during Telework! 3 Stretches You Can Do at Home

Worries about "bust" and "hip" that are difficult for women to talk to each other. From the experience that I have been involved in the care of the chest and buttocks of thousands of people so far, I will deliver the cause of each trouble and the improvement measures. This time, with telework being recommended, we will introduce the changes that occur in the bust and the stretching that makes beautiful breasts at home.

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■ This time's trouble
"Is there bust care that can be done during telework?" (29 years old, sales employee)

  • Telework is a chance to make "beautiful breasts"

I suppose that many people have been affected by the new coronavirus and have changed their environment to work at home or telework. Even if they just commute to work, they have less opportunities to move their bodies, and if they notice it, their busts are stuck. Also……

Therefore, this time, I will introduce three stretches that eliminate the bust area that tends to be stiff due to desk work.

1. Stretching to open your chest!

When working on a computer, many people tend to lean forward and become stooped. When the shoulders move forward, the muscles of the décolleté contract, which makes it easier for the bust to bend. In addition, breathing becomes shallow, which may lead to disturbance of the autonomic nerves … Let's open the chest closed by stretching.

■ Stretch method

(1) put your hands behind your body
(2) While breathing, pull your folded hands toward your hips and open your chest (the point is to pull them down so that you don't let your hands cross your body)
(3) Relax by exhaling and repeat 10 times with a slow breath. You can do it while sitting in a chair

2. Promotes lymphatic circulation! Stretch to eliminate bust side stiffness and side clogging

In desk work, the work at your fingertips is the main task, so you have less opportunity to move your arm. As a result, stiffness around the shoulders, the sides with lymph nodes are clogged, and the bust side becomes harder, which makes it more likely to cause problems. The hardness of the bust side easily leads to discomfort when wearing a brassiere, so loosen it by stretching.

■ Stretch method

(1) Raise both hands above the head and hold one wrist with the other hand
(2) While exhaling, tilt your upper body toward the hand that holds it (Let's look up at the ceiling diagonally so that the body does not fall forward)
(3) Return while breathing, and perform 5 times each on the left and right with breathing. If you feel a lot of stiffness, you should increase the number of times.

3. Fat burning! Stretch to move the scapula

Let's move the scapula greatly to finish the stretch. When the back and arm movements are reduced, the shoulder blades stick to the back, making it difficult for the back to feel heavy and maintaining a proper posture. In addition, brown adipocytes, which are mostly distributed around the scapula, have the function of promoting the burning of fat. Let's create a body with good metabolism by stimulating.

■ Stretch method

(1) Lightly attach the fingertips of both hands to the shoulder
(2) Rotate both elbows toward the back. Open your chest and move your shoulder blades. Rotate 10 times while taking a slow breath

If the stiffness is left as it is, the stiffness of the shoulder becomes chronic, and the deterioration of the circulation leads to deterioration of the texture of the bust and loss of shape. Even if you find it difficult to stretch in the office, try using it as a reset time once every 1-2 hours using your home environment.

Hiromi Nakamura

Representative of THE BEAUTIFUL, a women-only bust and hip care salon that prepares women's mind and body. Appeared, supervised and written on various media. A beauty therapist who specializes in female hormones, bust care, and hip care, and holds lectures and lectures such as "Bust & Hip Care Lessons" and "Beauty Hormone Cram Schools" nationwide.

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