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Bust Hip Q & A 2nd Bust sag is a sign of aging!

Anxious concerns that are difficult for women to consult. Based on my experience in the care of thousands of breasts and buttocks, I will tell you about the causes of each problem and how to improve them.

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"The upper part of the bust has been shaved" (38 years old, office work related)

  • The bust droop is a sign of aging!

    The bust droop is a sign of aging!

The shaving and skinnyness of the upper part of the bust is a sign of aging of the chest

A bust droop that typically starts in the 20s. The degree varies depending on the individual, but the bust change with age is something that everyone visits regardless of size. Furthermore, it is said that breast aging is difficult to return once it has progressed.

Let's reduce the speed of aging by knowing the cause of the bust drooping and noticing “because it is still young” or “because it is not big enough to droop”, and working on prevention and improvement.

Chest is a place where aging and stress are likely to appear

The breast is mainly made up of mammary glands and fat, and the tissues that support them (Cooper ligament, etc.). The inside of the bulge is a very delicate part without bones or muscles. Long-term external loads such as gravity and shaking extend the Cooper ligament that supports the internal tissue of the bust, changes in the quality of the bust due to changes in hormone balance, and the elasticity of the skin due to aging. Your chest will hang down due to a decrease.

In addition, if you experience pregnancy and breastfeeding, a large change in the size of your breast will appear, making it easier to feel drooping, shaving, and skinnyness.

What is the biggest point to prevent aging from progressing?

Changes in hormonal balance and changes in skin quality due to aging are common to all women, but the biggest point is that individual differences are likely to appear! As mentioned in the structure of the chest, the chest is a delicate part that is susceptible to loads such as shaking and gravity. One of the roles of the bra is to reduce the burden and protect your chest.

Recently, innerwear with a cup and underwear for soft support have become mainstream, but unfortunately the support of your chest will be reduced. For this reason, wearing these underwear on a daily basis can not support the load on your chest, leading to accelerated aging.

Find a bra that fits your chest

"I'm not good at wire, it's hard and hard". There may be many women who have such an image for a bra with strong support. But it may not have yet met a bra that fits your chest.

There are various manufacturers of brassieres, and even with the same size notation, the standards and fits are different. First of all, make sure the fitter is checking the fit of your chest and bra. Then try out different brands.

However, your chest also changes depending on your menstrual cycle. The choice of changing the support and design is also reasonable, especially during periods when the chest is strong, such as before menstruation. In that case, you should try to avoid active movement as much as possible.

Just as there are individual differences in body shape, there are also individual differences in breasts. Finding a bra that suits you and supporting your breasts properly is the most important point for aging.

Moderate training is also effective

Since there is no muscle inside the chest, muscle training is not directly linked to bust droop prevention, but moderate training also reduces shaving and skinnyness at the top of the bust. However, if you do hard training, it may lead to bust thinning and size reduction, so it is recommended that you train under the guidance of a trainer when you have strong training.

<Easy training method at home>

(1) Prepare a large towel such as a bath towel and roll it up. Place a rolled towel between your arms and set it in front of your chest.

(2) Loosen and return the arms when they are close to each other so that the towel between the arms is crushed. Repeat this. It is important not to use the arm muscles, but to have an image that brings the chest closer.

(3) Use 30 times as a guide, and if you get used to it, increase the number of times or change it to a larger rubber ball.

Massage is also effective in maintaining the elasticity of the mammary gland and skin.1stPlease try the massage method delivered to

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