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Bust Hip Q & A 3rd The key to bust-up is from the foundation!

Anxious concerns that are difficult for women to consult. Based on my experience in the care of thousands of breasts and buttocks, I will tell you about the causes of each problem and how to improve them.

■ This time
“ I want to make it big because my breasts are small '' (39 years old, office work related)

  • The key to bust-up is from the foundation

There may be many women who have searched on the Internet about how to bust up, “I want to make my bust a little more plump”, “I want to aim for a soft bust with roundness”.

There are a lot of different ways to look into it, but on the other hand, there are people who have tried but quit because they don't feel the effect or change. Since genetics and constitution affect the development of the bust, there are individual differences in changes due to care, but if you do not feel the effects or changes, it is important to review the "order of approach".

To get the most out of your care, take steps to get closer to your ideal bust.

Are you starting with a massage?

When you say bust care, you may often think of a massage. Massage has the effect of promoting blood flow and lymph flow, so it is indispensable for bust-up.

However, no matter how much the bust is massaged, if the foundation is not in place, the effect of the massage will be halved … No, it is no exaggeration to say that it will be drastically reduced. Let's start by creating a soil where your breasts are easy to grow.

What is the soil that grows your breasts?

The basics of making your chest are your daily “posture”. The reason for this is that the effects of posture disorder and badness are not limited no matter how much massage is performed, because the blood flow and lymph circulation decrease, and the stiffness and strength of the muscles that form the base of the chest also decrease. It becomes difficult to be done.

Your daily posture is the first step to create a beautiful chest. Let's create an environment where you can grow your breasts with a beautiful posture. The overall impression will also rise, so the beauty level will also increase!

First step to make beautiful milk, how to make a beautiful posture

Let's make a basic posture.

(1) When looking from the side, it is conscious that the earlobe → shoulder → elbow → knee → ankle is in a straight line.
(2) Push the chest from between the scapulas so that the bust angle is about 45 degrees to the straight line. At this time, it is important to tighten the groove and lift up the chest toward the face so that the groove does not open up.

If your stoop is trapped, you may find it difficult to correct your posture. In that case, try exercises on the back side to make it easier to open your chest.

(1) Raise both arms up so that the arms and head form a W shape.
(2) Pull both arms down so that the elbow is closer to the waist. At this time, it is more effective to keep the back firmly and bring the shoulder blades closer together.
(3) While making sure that the elbow does not come out from the body, pull it down to the waist and raise it again.
(4) The point of exercise is to perform each action carefully, rather than increasing the number of times. Start with 10 times and increase the number as you get used to it.

(* Please do not overdo it if there is pain in the shoulder)

This time, as a first step in bust up, we have sent you how to make a foundation, but there are a number of steps and points to nurture your chest. I will continue to deliver it in the next round.

From now on, when the cold becomes severe, the posture will be more disturbed than usual and the shoulders and back will become harder. This will affect the bust, so try it as a daily reset care.

Author Profile: Hiromi Nakamura

A female-only bust and hip care salon that prepares women's mind and body"THE BEAUTIFUL"representative.
Appeared, supervised and written in various media.
A beauty therapist who specializes in female hormones, bust care, and hip care, giving lectures and lectures such as "Bust & Hip Care Lessons" and "Beauty Hormon School" throughout Japan.

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