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Bust Hip Q & A 5th "Diet is small breasts …" Prevents "bust bust" with 3 points!

Anxious concerns that are difficult for women to consult. Based on my experience in the care of thousands of breasts and buttocks, I will tell you the cause of each problem and how to improve it.

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“When I was thin, my heart suddenly disappeared” (34 years old, management)

  • “Diet is small breasts ...” Prevents “bust thinness” at 3 points!

    How to prevent diet bust thinning

In winter, you end up eating too much, such as year-end parties and New Year's parties. There may be many women working on a diet. However, there are many voices that the bust has been reduced in size than expected even though it has been dieting. It's hard to get your bust once it gets smaller. Know the cause of the downsizing in advance, prevent bust thinning, and get the ideal body line.

What causes bust thinning

There are three main causes of bust thinness associated with dieting.

(1) Load on your chest, such as shaking due to exercise
(2) Undernutrition of breast due to dietary restrictions
(3) Weight loss and female hormone disorder due to stress

The preventive method varies depending on the content of the efforts, but by being conscious, you can minimize the size of your chest.

Protect your bust from shaking with a spobra during exercise!

When working on a diet through exercise, it is essential to wear a “Sport Bra” that matches the sports content. Occasionally, you'll see people working out with regular bras or inners with cups, but they are not designed to prevent bust shaking during exercise. Therefore, the ligament stretches due to shaking and impact, the bust drooping progresses, the roundness is lost due to shape loss, and it leads to size reduction.

There are different types of sports bras depending on their support. An appropriate sports bra that suits the exercise content, such as yoga with soft support for exercises that do not have much vertical movement such as yoga, and hard support for exercises with intense chest movement such as running. Wearing will prevent bust thinning during exercise. Let's check if the sport you are working on and the support of your sports bra are available.

Beware of nutritional deficiencies in your chest!

When dieting with dietary restrictions, calories and nutrients are reduced, which leads to undernourishment of the breast, leading to size reduction.

It is important to avoid excessively reducing the overall diet, and to get more protein and moderate quality fat. Each nutrient is made to help each other. Unbalanced dietary restrictions can interfere with nutrient breakdown and binding, so a balanced diet should help prevent bust thinning.

Rapid weight loss disrupts hormone balance

Rapid weight loss, such as a short-term diet, can lead to female hormone disruption. Female hormones are the key to women's beauty and health. If the hormone is disturbed, the elasticity and elasticity of the bust are likely to decrease, resulting in an impression that the chest is thin. It is also important to work on a diet over a long span, avoiding sudden weight loss that disrupts the menstrual cycle or stops menstruation.

Stress is also one of the causes of female hormone disruption. I think that searching for a dieting method that can be enjoyed instead of an unreasonable diet is also a shortcut for creating a sharp body.

After dieting, it is difficult to fatten only your chest. It is important to keep your breasts right now.Last timeBy having the massage that you are talking about, you can minimize the bust skinny that accompanies the diet. Please try to focus on your chest from the start of the diet.

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A female-only bust and hip care salon that prepares women's mind and body"THE BEAUTIFUL"representative.
Appeared, supervised and written in various media.
A beauty therapist who specializes in female hormones, bust care, and hip care, giving lectures and lectures such as “Bust & Hip Care Lessons” and “Beauty Hormon School” throughout Japan.

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