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Bust Hip Q & A 6th "Night Bra" has an effect on "Beautiful Breast"? What is an unexpected role?

Anxious concerns that are difficult for women to consult. Based on my experience in the care of thousands of breasts and buttocks, I will tell you the cause of each problem and how to improve it.

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"I'm worried about wearing a night bra" (38 years old, food business and sales)

  • The role of "Night Bra" and how to choose it

Recently "Night Bra" is a topic. In the previous questionnaire results, many people have adopted Night Bra as one of their bust care. For those who are already wearing it or who are worried about wearing it, we will introduce the role of the night bra and how to choose it, which is unexpectedly known this time.

The role of night bra

■ Keep the beautiful shape by preventing the movement and flow of the bust during sleep

While you are asleep, your chest may move sideways or up depending on how you sleep or roll over. The night bra has a role to prevent the chest from getting out of shape by preventing the burden of gravity and shaking on the chest during sleep.

■ Preventing sleep quality degradation by stabilizing the bust

Sleep is a very important time for relieving the day and restoring your mind and body. Wearing a night bra will stabilize your chest and give you good quality sleep.

In this way, wearing night bras mainly has the benefits of breast support during sleep and ensuring good quality sleep.

What is important when choosing a night bra?

There are various types of night bras now, but here are some points to consider when choosing a night bra.

(1) Choose items without metal fittings or wires

Things like hooks, metal fittings, and wires, such as bras in the daytime, have poor skin contact and reduce the quality of sleep. Bras worn during the day are not designed to support the chest of a sleeping posture. Make sure to choose something for sleeping.

(2) The bust fit is important for the body

Night bra that does not have a small size development like a daytime bra. When purchasing, we recommend that you can try it on. Because if you don't have the right size, the effect of the night bra is halved! Choose your body and chest size. Also, by trying on after the evening in the daytime, you can choose the one that suits your body condition closer to the sleeping hours.

Three points for a comfortable night bra life

(1) Avoid those with a tight feeling that disturbs sleep

"Ensuring good quality sleep" is also an advantage of wearing a night bra. Deep sleep restores the mind and body. Things that are too tight can interfere with your body's relaxation during sleep and can lead to poor circulation. It is important to have a fit that does not cause discomfort.

(2) cherish sharpness

The night bra has a role to support your breasts during sleep, but it is also important to release your breasts at night when the bust is well supported by a highly functional bra during the day.

Women's body and breasts also change with the menstrual cycle. Especially before menstruation, the body may become swollen and the chest may become tense and painful. In such a case, make the night bra a little loose and change the material to cotton or silk for a bust top that tends to be delicate.

(3) Choose a material with good ventilation

During sleep, I sweat more than I expected. For this reason, poorly breathable materials are prone to “steaming”, which can lead to itching of the bust top and pigmentation of the skin. It is recommended that you choose a material with good ventilation, such as cotton or silk, especially during the sweaty season.

The bust begins after the late 20s when the secretion of female hormone begins to decline, and the skin and ligaments of the breast also become less elastic. In addition, the chest tissue changes, making it easier to lose shape. We recommend wearing a night bra as you get older. Incorporate a night bra that suits you, prevent your chest from getting out of shape, and ensure a high quality of sleep.

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A female-only bust and hip care salon that prepares women's mind and body"THE BEAUTIFUL"representative.
Appeared, supervised and written in various media.
A beauty therapist who specializes in female hormones, bust care, and hip care, giving lectures and lectures such as “Bust & Hip Care Lessons” and “Beauty Hormon School” throughout Japan.

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