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If you buy a Pepsi with the application sticker, you can get a Kentucky original chicken 1 piece free coupon on the spot.

Buy Pepsi and win Kentucky!

If you buy a Pepsi with an application sticker at a vending machine or a supermarket, you can get a Kentucky original chicken 1 piece free coupon campaign.

After flipping through the application stickers, read the QR code on your smartphone to start the lottery. If you win, you can get a free coupon on the spot!

The target Pepsi is as follows.
・Pepsi Japan Coke (420ml pet, 340ml can)
・Pepsi Japan Cola Zero (340ml can)
・Pepsi refresh shot (200ml can)
・Pepsi Cola (350 ml can, 500 ml can)

The delicious Pepsi and Kentucky juicy chicken go great together! If you buy a Pepsi, don't forget to check the application sticker!

*To applyLINEAccount is required.
For details, please check the campaign site.

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