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Seven-ElevenThe new product "Spicy Grilled Curry Stick" is now on sale! What does a curry stick look like?? We will give you a real meal repo immediately♪

Long sideways! ‥

When I walked inside the Seven-Eleven store saying that I should have bread for lunch today, I found a delicious new product!
I was attracted by the "Spicy Grilled Curry Stick", a naming that seems to have a strong commitment, and I bought it ♪ I am wondering what kind of taste the baked curry will be bread.
I'm looking forward to curry bread since I've only eaten orthodox food like fried bread! ‥

Authentic curry smell! ‥

When opened, it will be wrapped in the delicious scent of curry as if you had a fresh curry rice in front of you! ‥
According to the Seven-Eleven website, it has a spicy curry flavor with coriander, cumin, and pepper.
I see, so it smells like this authentic curry♪

Mayonnaise and cheese accent! ‥

When I cut it in half, the curry made a slight impression. However, I was surprised that the bread dough was curry-colored! Mayonnaise is topped in the middle! ‥
Let's have a bite! Pakku. Uma~!! Mellow curry and mayonnaise go well together! I thought that the amount of curry was small, but it was just good because it has a spicy taste and presence! ‥

Mayonnaise is so delicious that it has cheese. The curry taste is mellow and the taste is doubled♪

The fabric is fluffy! ‥

I think this curry stick looks like a French bread and is hard, but it is fluffy and soft. The bread and curry go together very well, so you can eat it with pelori without getting tired of the taste.
I also like fried bread type curry bread, but this curry stick seems to be a habit of a combination of fluffy dough and spicy curry.
It's a baked curry, and the characteristic of the surface of the bread is that it has a crispy finish.

I thought that this solid curry bread is a very fresh product! Authentic curry using various spices, but it's not so spicy and easy to eat, so it seems to be accepted by everyone ♪
The toppings with cheese and mayonnaise do a really good job, so I think I should try it when making curry at home (laughs).

Since the curry was only the sauce, I personally wish I could enjoy the texture of finely chopped onions and carrots! ‥

It was an introduction of the new "Spicy Grilled Curry Stick" from Seven-Eleven! ♪ Everyone who likes curry will be surprised at the authentic taste that you can eat! ‥

Store: Seven-Eleven
Menu: Spicy grilled curry stick
Price: 128 yen (138 yen including tax)
Official site:Spicy grilled curry stick

(Sentence/Photograph ☆IZUMINT☆)
(Edit: Karko)

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