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"C.C. Lemon" supports test takers with "test support bottle"! Shuzo Matsuoka supports students as "Gamba Lemon!"


With the cooperation of the preparatory school “Kawajuku”, support for the “C.C. Lemon Examination” will be held at “Kawajuku @ Ikebukuro School [Nishi Campus]” in Toshima Ward on Tuesday, January 14, 2020, ahead of the center exam. Event 2020 "was held.

At the "CC Lemon Examination Support Event 2020", Shuzo Matsuoka, a brand character of "CC Lemon", appeared, and gave a special lecture in front of 40 examinees who will soon challenge university entrance examinations.

In the special lecture, a special textbook "C.C.Shuzo Tiger no Maki", which summarizes how to take full advantage of the test takers, such as mental control techniques actually performed by Shuzo himself and top athletes, is used. In addition, we listened to the worries of the two test takers who represented the participants and provided hot advice. In addition, the "C.C.Lemon Genki Cheer SONG", which was announced in 2015 and became a hot topic, was unveiled for the first time in about five years. The song also supported the students.

■ Show off for the first time in about 5 years! Appeared while singing "C.C.Lemon Genki Cheer SONG"!

At the exam support event, in addition to the familiar "Hachimaki in school uniform" and "Gamba Lemon" in the tasuki appearance, Mr. Shuzo in the face of the "CC Lemon Examination Support Bottle" face-out panel, “ CCLemon cheerful cheering from the hidden platform Surprise while singing "SONG". The test takers were delighted by the unexpected appearance of Shuzo. Mr. Shuzo immediately sent a message saying, "What you need for the test at hand is a positive will to believe in yourself."

Shuzo-san's special lecture started to capture the hearts of the students. Exclusive textbook “ CC Shuzo Tora no Maki, '' which summarizes methods for students to fully demonstrate their skills in actual production, such as mental control techniques actually performed by Shuzo himself and top athletes, for students who are running just before the exam To teach them how to use their skills in production.

"When you're in trouble, it's guts pose!" "Broaden your horizons!" "Let's breathe your heart!" "Believe in yourself!" "You guys are" lemons! " He talked passionately with humor.



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