Cadillac changes the model naming from 2022?

Most European cars have model names such as 450SL with mixed alphabets and numbers, P1800, 320i, and so on. And all car enthusiasts like it.

But what about American cars? In many cases, it inherits one naming such as Mustang and Corvette. Each model has pride and a tradition. And Cadillac announced that it would return to the flow of naming.

General Motors as a whole will change the naming flow from 2022. In other words, model names such as Cadillac® CT6 and XT5 will not be assigned. In fact, I don't know what the naming will be, but there may be new models such as Eldorado and Fleetwood. The name of Escalade, a large SUV, has been inherited, and the 2021 model has already been released.

Cadillac is planning to make all models electric by 2030.

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