Cam in the port, the concept of "a nice uncle was at the time of the new car" concept | 85 year Toyota Soarer 3.0GT Limited @ Vol.2

A special Toyota that continues to shine over time
Hiroyuki Nakane, the owner, was the first Soarer to get on his license for the first time.

However, at that time, I was doing my best to maintain it and could not afford to tune.

So, in order to reproduce the "specifications I wanted to do at that time", I built this Soarer based on a used car in the finest conditions.

The concept is, "This Soarer feels like a nice old man when he was a new car."

It's an easy and difficult concept, but the point is that you don't need to put in the latest parts, and you don't have to be childish to match the car.

The work was handled by Unlimited in Nagoya.

Looking at the tuning menu alone, it was not that large, but anyway, as the owner is particular about being clean up to one part fitting, Naoto Nishigiri, the shop representative, met with that expectation It was said that he worked with plenty of heart and blood to respond.

One of the highlights of this car is the engine
Based on the stock 6M-GEU type, the engine is fully tuned and head polished, port polished with cam processing, etc., and light tuned for comfortable specifications with less friction.

Combining the Solex 50PHH, which was acquired as a new product, is the choice of an 80's tuning car.

An engine room with an unprecedented cleanness. Blue, black, silver and white harmonize beautifully.

The blue head cover highlights the beauty of the engine room. It is beautiful that you cannot imagine a car that ran 200,000 km.

Nagai Electronics MDI mounted on the lower part of the body. Care is also taken in the placement of these retrofit parts so that they are not strangely noticeable in the engine room.

The mission was originally automatic, but was replaced with a 2- and 8-GT Limited 5-speed manual.

Nostalgic SPEED vol.003 March 2014 issue [all contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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