Cambridge Asuka V Looking At "If You Can Run With 10 Seconds"

The day before the Seiko Golden Grand Prix onshore [co-sponsored by The Nikkan Sports Newspaper] was held online on the 22nd.

Cambridge Asuka [27 = Nike], who has a self-record of 10 seconds 08 with a men's 100 meters, was enthusiastic about "I am in better condition than the last race. If I can run with 10 seconds 0 cars". What was the last race of the Tokyo Championship final? Under a bad condition of a headwind of 0.8 meters and rain, win 10 seconds 22. Although the breakdown has continued for the past two years, since last fall he has been conscious of the balance and coordination of his body, and has been able to find a clue to get out of the slump.

The characteristic is the last growth. "If you can get that weapon, you have a chance." There are strong rivals with Kiryu, Yama prefecture, Koike, and Tada, but they set their sights on winning.

The beard, which started to grow from this spring and became a hot topic at the Tokyo Championship, remains the same on this day. The appearance and running will be completely different from last year.

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