CAMPFIRE, a program to support artists and restaurants affected by the new corona

On February 28, CAMPFIRE will launch a crowdfunding program for artists, restaurants and accommodations damaged by the new coronavirus infection. A similar support program will be available on February 27.READYFOR announcedare doing.

In this program, in response to a request from the Japanese government to refrain from conducting a large-scale event, artists and event companies that announced that the event had been canceled, restaurants and lodging facilities where the number of visitors has decreased due to cancellation of reservations, etc. It is aimed at individuals and small and medium-sized businesses that have had a major difficulty in management due to the impact, and it is possible to raise funds through crowdfunding.

プ ロ ジ ェ ク ト For projects that have applied the program, the service fee for the transfer of the support money is free [normally 12%], and the project can be implemented with only the settlement fee of 5%. About application, by 11:59 on March 31Dedicated form, And apply for the first time after creating the project page by 11:59 on April 24. "All in" and "All or Nothing" projects released by June 30 are eligible.

プ ロ グ ラ ム In addition, the program requires screening and must be a company that has severely hindered its management and production due to the spread of the new coronavirus infectious disease [projects supported by third parties are not currently covered]. Submission of information [documents or URLs] that can be used to objectively prove that there has been an actual loss such as a cancellation fee at the venue, or a loss of profits planned due to the suspended business activity. It states that the contents of the project do not violate public order and morals.

The target services are CAMPFIRE, GoodMorning, 3rdTable, and CLOSS.FAAVO, BOOSTER, machi-ya, CAMPFIRE hometown tax payment, EXODUS, CAMPFIRE Community, polca, CAMPFIRE Creation, and some projects of overseas operators are not covered by this program. Becomes

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