Can I check my PASMO balance on my iPhone?

Yes, I can. Although it was not possible up to iOS 12, the short-range wireless communication framework “Core NFC” was strengthened from iOS 13, and the iPhone 7 and later models now support reading the contactless IC card standard “FeliCa”. As a result, applications such as Suica and PASMO that read IC cards / electronic money using FeliCa (hereinafter referred to as IC card reader applications) can be developed.

However, the IC card reader app is not standard on iOS 13. Since you have to use a third-party app, you need to find and install the appropriate one from the App Store. Since multiple applications have already been released, it is a good idea to select based on usability, such as functionality, operability, and presence of advertisements.

The IC card / electronic money that can be read is determined by the IC card reader application to be used. Even a card using FeliCa cannot be read unless the app supports it. Since there are differences in the number of cards supported by the app, check which cards are supported before downloading.

However, there is no big difference in how to use any application. If you tap the scan start button and lightly touch the top of the iPhone near the center of the IC card / electronic money you want to scan, scanning will be completed almost instantly. The read information (balance / usage history) can be confirmed on the iPhone screen, attached to e-mail as a text file (CSV file), or transferred to a computer with AirDrop. Can also be used. There is no longer any need to print the history at the ticket machine at the station.

  • Can i check my PASMO balance on my iPhone?

    To read IC cards / electronic money using FeliCa such as Suica and PASMO, a third-party application is required (screen is “ IC card reader '')

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